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Portraits from Peloponnese – Photography Project for “Taxidia”


This time, I had the opportunity to shoot what may be the most diverse region of Greece, the Peloponnese. This photographic journey, or rather the “travelogue” for Kathimerini newspaper’s Travel supplement “Taxidia“, allowed me to learn about a rare aspect of my country during what is perhaps the most beautiful and at same time serene time
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Mano’s Baptism in Aegina Island

Βάπτιση στην Αίγινα

Meeting and talking with every wedding photographer you should feel free to ask as many questions as you like, even if they are non-photography related. I’d be happy to share all of my photography experiences with you. Every wedding and baptism is different and everyone has their own vision of the day. Its a pleasure
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Photographic Record of The Monks & Cuisine of Mount Athos for “Gastronomos”

φωτογραφίες Άγιον Όρος

As Greece entered the pre-Easter season of Lent, Kathimerini newspaper’s food magazine, Gastronomos, published a special 35-page section on the lenten cuisine of Mount Athos, featuring recipes that have been a best-kept secret for centuries. It is a photographic record of the prominent figures of monastic cooking seen though the most basic of human enjoyments
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Wedding in Aegina Petros and Fotini

wedding in Aegina Island Greece

Every wedding, like life itself, is a journey. You choose a route, find the seat printed on your ticket and set off. You travel with people you had never met before and the journey becomes an opportunity to bring you together. You begin to share, to grow closer and experience the common stages of the
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Theodoro’s Baptism in Ariadne Estate Varimpompi – Athens

Η Βάπτιση του Θεόδωρου στο Κτήμα Αριάδνη Βαρυμπόμπη

Working as a wedding photographer in Greece the time I have available for posting my works on summer months is limited. Thank god winter months is  a relaxing period that gives me the opportunity to make a flashback on last year’s photos and post some of them.  Apart for showing my work, I feel that
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Dimitris Korres “Project 4″ Supercar for Κ Magazine


Dimitris Korres is one of the few engineers in the world that manages to construct a super car, the «Korres Project 4», capable to reach the level of limited production. This was the occasion of the photoshoot, to accompanied the interview by Apostolis Fotiadis for K magazine of Kathimerini News. The phοtoshoot took place outdoor
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Wedding Albums vs Wedding Discs


What is the best for every couple to order after their wedding? A wedding album or the a disc with all the high resolution photos included? This is very common question that comes in every couple’s mind before or after their wedding and every professional wedding photographer must answer. Wedding albums Vs Discs These days,
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The Viewing Angles of a Wedding Photography Album

wedding album in Greece

How many viewing angles a wedding photography album might have? When Flipping the pages you can see a love story, you can see a wonderful day, full of joy and two happy people with their families. If you are an artist or photographer, you might see a number of beautiful pictures that might inspire you…
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Photography Road Trip in Northern India

travel to india

The bridge between fantasy and experience is accessibility. By Leaving your familiar convenient and safe habitat environment behind you, you open yourself to the new, unknown, transforming it into experience and knowledge. The Roadtrip to North India The roadtrip lasted nine days. Starting point was the capital of India, New Delhi and the first destination
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Most Popular wedding photos of 2013 in Greece

φωτογραφίες γάμου

These days other than days of joy and love , should be days of gratitude for all that we have experienced, seen, tasted , enjoyed the past year . Even though there are some people who believe that it was not a good year for them, they should probably think that above all, they lived
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