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Wedding at Westin Astir Palace for Yiota and George

wedding at Westin Astir Palace

One of the most interesting locations for weddings in Athens / Greece is Astir Palace bay. I was thrilled when Yiota and George announced me that there will take place their wedding next year and choose me as their wedding photographer. Yiota and George are Greeks born and raised in Canada, maybe more Greeks in
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Wedding Photography at Loumbardiaris for Maria and Vasilis

wedding photography in greece

As I have already mention in the two previous wedding photography posts, the season of 2014 is an exploration year for my wedding photography in Greece. I have decide to make this exploration cause I am not really interesting to copy any kind or any style of wedding photography. There is thousands of photographers out
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Wedding at Kavouri for Olympia & Alexandros

wedding at kavouri Athens

Exploring wedding photography each time in each wedding in Greece from a different angle, gives me a feeling of freedom and evolution. Framing each combination is so important… An exercise in perception of wedding photography. Here is the story of Olympia and Alexandros. I have met them one year before as a wedding photographer in
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The Wedding of Nikos and Vera in Agios Kosmas

wedding in Agios Kosmas Athens

Every wedding changes the physical and emotional condition of the wedding photographer. After the end of the photoshoot, apart from the physical tiredness, the photographer takes with him and a bunch of memories, experiences, friends, photos and feelings… The next day all those experiences becoming knowledge that helps you to continue getting better both on a
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Elias and Evaggelia Wedding in Sparta

Elias and Evaggelia wedding in Sparta Greece

I am driving away from Athens for a destination wedding in Sparta – Greece to meet for a second time Elias and Evaggelia and be a part of their celebration. I am feeling honoured not only for choosing me as their wedding photographer but also for booking me one year before their wedding and visit
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Nikos and Elisavet Wedding Photography in Piraeus Greece


Nikos and Elisavet comes from Switzerland. Their decision about the wedding in Greece was another chance to visit their family and their homeland. Lots of friends, interesting locations like the church of Agios Nikolaos in Piraeus, the photoshoot location at Faliro, great weather was the ingredients blended together with this beautiful couple gave us energy, textures and feelings in pictures. The ceremony and the
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Sara and Dimitri’s Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding in Aegina Island Greece

The wedding season of 2014 has begun with this wedding in Aegina Island, my homeland! Its true that May and September are the best moths of the year for wedding photographers in Greece and couples as well. The light is bright, clear and sharp!  The temperature gives a relaxing feeling all of the day to the
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Summer Baptism at Agios Petros – Sounio

Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου

Summer is approaching and it is the perfect timing for choosing to plan the baptism of your kid in one of the dozens of seaside chapels of Attica. One of these privileged churches for baptism is Agios Petros at Sounion . Baptism at Sounion could be the ideal occasion for your Sunday getaway. Sounio have many
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Lambros Baptism in Agia Markella of Votanikos – Athens

Φωτογραφίες βάπτισης Αγία Μαρκέλα

Sunday afternoon on the road to one of the most vibrant and multicultural parishes of Athens, the parish of Agia Markella Church at Votanikos The area of Votanikos seems forgotten, but with a second look you realise the purity and tradition in every corner…. I am waiting outside the church to complete the Sunday attending mass
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Christos Baptism in Agios Nikolaos – Athens

Βάπτιση Άγιος ΝΝικόλαος Πτωχοκομείου

As a baptism and wedding photographer I have the opportunity to visit temples and churches in the center of Athens rich in artistic and architectural interest . It’s churches and corners of Athens we walk through almost everyday and we do not know the history and value of them. These locations and places is very
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