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Telling the Wedding Story at Vlachogianni Estate Athens

fotografos gamou - Wedding photographer ktima Vlachogianni

What is the best way to describe one’s feelings at a particular instance through a photo? Is it even possible to tell an entire story effectively, with just one photograph? The wedding I photographed at the Vlachogianni Estate in Athens, provides me with an opportunity to share with you these thoughts as a photographer.

Family photo shoot at the Ancient olive grove in Aegina island Greece

family photo shoot

Greek expats, visiting Greece on holiday and wanting to record the memory in a family photo-shoot at the ancient olive grove in Aegina. They arrive looking their best, dressed in white, as directed by the photographer. In a celebratory mood, they come to the ancient olive grove in Aegina and the family photo shoot begins.

Artistic Wedding Photographer in Athens Greece

wedding photographer Athens Greece Aegina

A new year, a new wedding season and a new beginning as every year, is in on the way. One more year I am here to answer all of your wedding photography questions in order to make the process of finding your wedding photographer as seamless and pain-free as possible. let’s chat about your wedding details..

Photoshoot of the Greek Chef Nikos Sarantos in Athens

greek_chef_nikos_sarantos 01

Mr Nikos Sarantos is one of the most significant Greek chefs. Twenty years ago he was the one that founded the Greek Chefs Club and spread Greek gastronomy in all over the world. He is not only a talented Greek chef but also a chef with vision and passion for giving to the Greek Cuisine
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Photoshoot of the Most Traveled Man of the World!

Babis Bizas photoshoot in Athens

Babis Bizas had been awarded with Guinness Record as “The most Traveled man of the world”! After he came back from his recent trip at South Pole Babis Bizas gives an interview about this unique experience. What made Babis Bizas to be so lucky that he had travel to all the countries of the wold
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A Baptism in Plaka for Anna

βάπτιση στην πλάκα

The baptism in Plaka is an ideal destination for your baby’s baptism and your guests. Plaka is always Familiar, easy and traditional … What could be more ideal?  Sunday morning walking along the streets of downtown Athens, meeting your beloved family members and friends and after the baptism enjoy your coffee and lunch in one
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Summer Baptism at Agios Petros – Sounio

Βάπτιση στον Άγιο Πέτρο Σουνίου

Summer is approaching and it is the perfect timing for choosing to plan the baptism of your kid in one of the dozens of seaside chapels of Attica. One of these privileged churches for baptism is Agios Petros at Sounion . Baptism at Sounion could be the ideal occasion for your Sunday getaway. Sounio have many
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Lambros Baptism in Agia Markella of Votanikos – Athens

Φωτογραφίες βάπτισης Αγία Μαρκέλα

Sunday afternoon on the road to one of the most vibrant and multicultural parishes of Athens, the parish of Agia Markella Church at Votanikos The area of Votanikos seems forgotten, but with a second look you realise the purity and tradition in every corner…. I am waiting outside the church to complete the Sunday attending mass
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Christos Baptism in Agios Nikolaos – Athens

Βάπτιση Άγιος ΝΝικόλαος Πτωχοκομείου

As a baptism and wedding photographer I have the opportunity to visit temples and churches in the center of Athens rich in artistic and architectural interest . It’s churches and corners of Athens we walk through almost everyday and we do not know the history and value of them. These locations and places is very
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Greek actors Vicky Papadopoulou and Yiorgos Papageorgiou for K Magazine

Vicky Papadopoulou and Yiorgos Papageorgiou

Every year, Kathimerini’s newspaper K Magazine makes a tribute about Greek actors and the most interesting theatrical performances that will take place in Athens in fall and winter months. This is the second photoshoot I have been chosen to do for this tribute. I have posted the first in Palace theater last week. Two young and talented Greek
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