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“Our Wedding in Aegina was an Unprecedented Photography Experience!”

Nikos & Christina from Aegina

Wedding in Aegina 24/10/2014

“The photography experience of our wedding  in Aegina? Unprecedented! Every little smile, every tear, the joy and all of our friends emotions. With spontaneity and professionalism. Our wedding photographer Dimitris Vlaikos became shareholder of our joy and helped us to remember forever that this important autumn sunny wedding in Aegina. Thank you so much Dimitris!”
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The Awesome Wedding in Greece of Angeliza and Vagelis

wedding in Greece

I love to leave every moment of every wedding in Greece I am covering. I am working as a wedding photographer the last seven years and this wedding was my first photography experience in this spectacular place in Aegina Island. I feel very glad and lucky I had been invited to work as a photographer in this wedding from
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Dinos and Eleftheria Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 33

I was wondering about the feeling to photoshoot the wedding in Aegina of a very special family member. How you feel when you shooting have all your family members around you, you friends and all the people that you sharing every day with them?How are they through your lenses in their unique moments?  How you can step
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Ο Γάμος της Ελευθερίας και του Ντίνου στην Αίγινα

Φωτογράφος γάμου στην Αίγινα

Αναρωτιόμουν πως είναι να φωτογραφίζεις το γάμο ενός πολύ αγαπημένου σου προσώπου; Πως είναι να περιτριγυρίζεσαι από την οικογένεια, τους φίλους και τους ανθρώπους που έχεις μεγαλώσει μαζί και μοιράζεσαι τη ζωή και την καθημερινότητα σου; Πως είναι να τους βλέπεις μέσα από το φακό; Πόσο μακριά από τα συναισθήματα μπορείς να μείνεις και να
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“You’ ve made our wedding unforgettable!”

Dimitris and Konstadina from Athens

Wedding in Aegina - Greece 14/07/12

“As soon as we decided to get married in Aegina, we really wanted to find a wedding photographer who would be or live to the island, since we needed someone who would be familiar with the shooting environment. We also wanted to avoid the common photographer’s approach in such occasions with “fixed/stealled” and “portrait style”
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Welcome to “Aegina Photographer” Wedding photography in Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos wedding photography in Greece

The art of Wedding Photography in Greece inspires my life. My main object of interest is people. I love shooting people cause everyone is different and you have to include their energy in a psychological way. That’s why I Love shooting Weddings. From 2012 I decided to work not only in Aegina Island and Athens, also
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Wedding of Lynsey and Jonathan in Aegina Island Greece

wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 56

Every wedding is a new photographic challenge for me. I am trying to give my best as a wedding photographer, as an artist. Its not easy when you try to combine light, shapes and feelings in every photo you capture. Here is Lynn and Jonathan wedding in Aegina Greece. It was a non orthodox wedding
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“You were certainly the best ‘purchase’ we made for our wedding”

Pantelis - Valeria - Joanna From Athens

Wedding and Baptism in Aegina

“Thank you so much for all your help and for doing such a fantastic job with our wedding photography from the beginning to end. You made us feel completely at ease throughout the process and the end result is a wonderful wedding album that we will cherish forever. It was really hard for you as
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“The Only Thing we don’t Regret is our Wedding Photographer!”

Alksitis and Alexis from Athens

Wedding in Aegina Island 2009

“When we decided to have our wedding in the beautiful island of Aegina – Greece our options were limited. Living in Athens all of our life we didn’t have many friends and many people to guide us so many decisions were made at random. The only thing we don’t regret is our wedding photographer, Dimitris.
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Back on my blog!

Its about a month since my last post on my blog. It was a tough month full of weddings and events in Athens, Aegina… all over Greece. And now it’s editing time! I have already finished some of my shoots and I will keep blogging and posting again. I am starting with this video from
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