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Telling the Wedding Story at Vlachogianni Estate Athens

fotografos gamou - Wedding photographer ktima Vlachogianni

What is the best way to describe one’s feelings at a particular instance through a photo? Is it even possible to tell an entire story effectively, with just one photograph? The wedding I photographed at the Vlachogianni Estate in Athens, provides me with an opportunity to share with you these thoughts as a photographer.

Most Popular wedding photos of 2013 in Greece

φωτογραφίες γάμου

These days other than days of joy and love , should be days of gratitude for all that we have experienced, seen, tasted , enjoyed the past year . Even though there are some people who believe that it was not a good year for them, they should probably think that above all, they lived
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Richard & Charlotte at Paxos – Destination Wedding in Greece


Here is another Destination wedding in Greece photography story. coming from UK and taking place at Paxos Island. As a destination wedding photographer, trying to be also a storyteller is quite interesting to. I first met Richard and Charlotte in Paxos 2 days before their wedding. The truth is that Charlotte was a bit nervous, worried
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The Greek Wedding of Stelios and Helena in Lavrion Greece

wedding in Lavrio

This Greek wedding was the perfect combination of culture, location and love… Unique for every wedding photographer. The wedding of Helena and Stelios took place in Lavrion Greece. Stelios has grown up in Greece until he left to work in London. There, he met Helena and changed his life! They decided to make their wedding in a
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Vicky and Vasilis Wedding in Athens Greece

wedding in Greece

Continue posting some of this year wedding in Athens Greece I need to mention some things. There is some couples that when you meet them as their wedding photographer, makes you feel like you already know them. Vasilis and Vicky was that kind of couple for me and I hope I was the same as their
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Konstantina and Filippos Wedding Photography in Lagonisi – Greece

Wedding photography in Greece

Every wedding photographer, like every couple, tries to plan the perfect wedding in Greece: the perfect temperature, not too hot or too cold, a light breeze to keep you cool, plenty of sunshine and above all, good spirits. The truth is that the only thing in our control is our mood. The June weather at Konstantina
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Dinos and Eleftheria Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 33

I was wondering about the feeling to photoshoot the wedding in Aegina of a very special family member. How you feel when you shooting have all your family members around you, you friends and all the people that you sharing every day with them?How are they through your lenses in their unique moments?  How you can step
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“You’ ve made our wedding unforgettable!”

Dimitris and Konstadina from Athens

Wedding in Aegina - Greece 14/07/12

“As soon as we decided to get married in Aegina, we really wanted to find a wedding photographer who would be or live to the island, since we needed someone who would be familiar with the shooting environment. We also wanted to avoid the common photographer’s approach in such occasions with “fixed/stealled” and “portrait style”
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“You gave us so vivid memories from our Wedding!”

Natassa and Odysseas from Athens

Wedding in Aegina - Greece 22/09/12

“In complete honesty and with no intention to flatter we thank you for your kindness, consistency, discreetness, your positive energy, your zeal, your smile and your professionalism as a wedding photographer! Through your photos you managed to give us so vivid memories that every time we look at them it’s like we relive those moments
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Welcome to “Aegina Photographer” Wedding photography in Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos wedding photography in Greece

The art of Wedding Photography in Greece inspires my life. My main object of interest is people. I love shooting people cause everyone is different and you have to include their energy in a psychological way. That’s why I Love shooting Weddings. From 2012 I decided to work not only in Aegina Island and Athens, also
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