I was wondering about the feeling to photoshoot the wedding in Aegina of a very special family member. How you feel when you shooting have all your family members around you, you friends and all the people that you sharing every day with them?How are they through your lenses in their unique moments?  How you can step away of your feelings and do your work? I don’t know how match you will enjoy those wedding photos, the sure is that is the only wedding work that I can not be impartial with the result. It is my cousin’s wedding in Aegina, a person that I have grown up with as cousins and as friends. Eleftheria is the woman that makes him happy and makes happy our family also.

Their wedding in Aegina took place in Metropolitan church of Aegina Island and the wedding ceremony took place at Hotel Irides. I want to thank my partners Tasos, Spiros and Alex that gave me the time to enjoy our family moments also.

Dinos and Eleftheria I saved my wish for the end…! I wish you to have great time on your common life, to enjoy every single moment, every single day.

I am considering that it is more difficult to write than to capturing this wedding in Aegina. To avoid any tears from happiness lets go to the photos!

wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 20
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 21
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 22
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 23
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 25
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 26
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 28
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 29
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 29b
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 30
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 32
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 33
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 34
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 35
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 37
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 38
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 39
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 40
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 41
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 42
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 44
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 45
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 46
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 47
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 48
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 49
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 50
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 51
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 52
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 53
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 54
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 55
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 56
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 57
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 58
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 59
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 60
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 61
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 62
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 63
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 64
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 65
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 66
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 67
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 69
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 70
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 71
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 72
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 73
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 74
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 75
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 76
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 77
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 78
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 79
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 80
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 81
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 83
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 84
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 85
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 86
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 87
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 88
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 89
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 90
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 91
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 93
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 94
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 96
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 97
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 98
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 99
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 102
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 103
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 104
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 105
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 107
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 108
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 108a
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 108b
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 109
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 109b
wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 111


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