I wont forget this couple words in our first meeting for their wedding in Aegina… “We love your wedding photography work and you are the first person we visit when we decided to get married!”

Those was the words I was thinking all the time on the road for Agios Vasilis chapel in Aegina for the wedding of Giorgos and Elli. Those words made me to try hardest to make my best capturing every moment of this wedding.

The wedding location in Aegina

The wedding location was full of minimal shapes, hard contrasts and white and blue colors. All those made me keep this wedding simple. I wasn’t sure how to present some of the photos after the final editing. I like the same black and white and colored photos. The “golden time” right after the ceremony helps me a lot for the location shooting on the beach in front of the chapel. We should not forget that every wedding is a celebration of love and happiness, its a party and this is the way that Giorgos and Elli choose to celebrate their wedding day at Irides Hotel until the first morning hours. I wish you the best for your rest of your life and live with full of beautiful photos like these!

wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 01
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 02
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 04
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 03
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 05
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 06
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 07
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 08
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 09
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 10
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 11
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 12
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 13
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 14
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 15
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 16
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 17
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 18
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 19
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 20
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 22
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 24
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 25
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 26
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 27
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 28
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 29
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 30
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 31
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 32
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 33
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 34
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 35
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 36
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 37
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 38
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 39
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 40
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 42
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 43
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 44
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 45
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 46
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 47
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 48
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 49
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 50
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 51
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 52
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 54
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 55
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 56
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 57
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 59
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 60
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 61
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 62
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 63
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 64
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 65
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 66
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 67
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 68
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 69
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 70
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 71
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 72
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 73
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 74
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 76
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 77
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 78
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 79
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 80
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 81
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 82
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 83
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 84
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 85
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 86
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 87
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 88
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 89
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 90
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 91
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 92
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 93
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 95
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 96
wedding_aegina_greece_elli_giorgos 94

Love the evening receptions shots. Great lighting.

Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ και από μένα για τη χαρά που μου δώσατε καθ όλη την διάρκεια της ημέρας να αποτυπώνω αυθεντικές στιγμές χαράς και συγκίνησης. Για μένα αυτές οι στιγμές έχουν τη μεγαλύτερη σημασία και αυτές πιστεύω πως πρέπει να καταγράφονται για να σας θυμίζουν αυτήν την υπέροχη ημέρα στα χρόνια που θα έρθουν!

Σε ευχαριστούμε για τη διακριτικότητα των κινήσεών σου και για τις τόσο αυθεντικές λεπτομέρειες που κατάφερες να συλλάβεις…σε ευχαριστώ που είδες ότι είδα και έκανες εικόνες κάποιες από τις ομορφότερες αναμνήσεις που θα έχω στη ζωή μου.

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