Being a wedding photographer  it’s my passion and a privilege to capture a couple’s most important day to mark the beginning of their journey together as man and wife…and a day I feel truly honored to be part of. What is even more special is when people choose me without know me in personal or from some friend recommendation, just love my photography like the way Kostas and Katerina contact me. It was another gorgeous wedding I was proud to be a part of!

Kostas and Katerina wedding day was the kind of wedding I love…relaxed, fun, full of love and a whole lot of style from the wedding dress of Konstadinos Melis to the flowers. Kostas and Katerina chose one of my favourite and most shot at wedding venues for wedding in Athens – Greece, the Polo Club. A wedding in a place like this can throw up some challenges, regarding light and location shooting but to me, it’s what makes this kind of weddings so interesting to shoot. Finding spots of light or artificial lighting and using it to make wedding photographs with a bit of a difference is a lot of fun and keeps me thinking creatively all the time even after about 10 hours of continue shooting from the preparation of the groom until the and of the party! Here is Kostas and Katerina wedding day 🙂

wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 01
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 02
wedding_Polo_Club_Greece 03
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 05
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 06
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 07
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 08
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 09
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 10
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 11
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 12
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 14
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 15
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 16
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 17
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 18
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 20
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 21
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 22
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 23
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 24
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 25
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 26
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 27
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 28
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 29
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 30
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 31
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 32
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 33
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 34
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 35
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 36
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 37
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 38
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 39
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 40
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 41
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 42
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 43
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 44
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 45
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 46
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 47
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 48
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 49
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 50
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 51
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 52
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 53
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 54
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 55
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 56
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 57
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 58
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 59
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 60
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 61
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 62
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 63
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 64
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 65
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 66
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 67
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 68
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 69
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 70
wedding_Polo_Club_Athens_Greece 71