Here is another Destination wedding in Greece photography story. coming from UK and taking place at Paxos Island. As a destination wedding photographer, trying to be also a storyteller is quite interesting to. I first met Richard and Charlotte in Paxos 2 days before their wedding. The truth is that Charlotte was a bit nervous, worried about my 11 hours trip and if I will arrive there safe. All those thoughts have gone away and I arrived at the wedding location Villa Mousmouli and met them!

Its was a unique wedding in Greece

This wedding was quite unusual for a number of reasons. At first it was a hard trip I decided to do and have one more destination wedding experience! Second it was a wedding day with a lot of transportation in 4 different locations from the one side of Paxos to the other. Third, the wedding ceremony took place outdoors at a villa with an impressive view of the “hard side” of the Island. I am so excited to be sharing with you the wedding of Richard and Charlotte is because they are such an amazing couple!

Thank you so much for choosing and thrusting me for your wedding photography and wish you to have a many days in your life like those at Paxos!

wedding_paxos_greece_island 01
wedding_paxos_greece_island 02
wedding_paxos_greece_island 03
wedding_paxos_greece_island 04
wedding_paxos_greece_island 05
wedding_paxos_greece_island 5b
wedding_paxos_greece_island 06
wedding_paxos_greece_island 07
wedding_paxos_greece_island 08
wedding_paxos_greece_island 11
wedding_paxos_greece_island 12
wedding_paxos_greece_island 13
wedding_paxos_greece_island 14
wedding_paxos_greece_island 15
wedding_paxos_greece_island 16
wedding_paxos_greece_island 17
wedding_paxos_greece_island 18
wedding_paxos_greece_island 19
wedding_paxos_greece_island 20
wedding_paxos_greece_island 21
wedding_paxos_greece_island 22
wedding_paxos_greece_island 23
wedding_paxos_greece_island 24
wedding_paxos_greece_island 25
wedding_paxos_greece_island 26
wedding_paxos_greece_island 27
wedding_paxos_greece_island 28
wedding_paxos_greece_island 29
wedding_paxos_greece_island 30
wedding_paxos_greece_island 31
wedding_paxos_greece_island 32
wedding_paxos_greece_island 33
wedding_paxos_greece_island 35
wedding_paxos_greece_island 35b
wedding_paxos_greece_island 36
wedding_paxos_greece_island 37
wedding_paxos_greece_island 38
wedding_paxos_greece_island 39
wedding_paxos_greece_island 40
wedding_paxos_greece_island 41
wedding_paxos_greece_island 42
wedding_paxos_greece_island 43
wedding_paxos_greece_island 44
wedding_paxos_greece_island 45
wedding_paxos_greece_island 46
wedding_paxos_greece_island 47
wedding_paxos_greece_island 48
wedding_paxos_greece_island 49
wedding_paxos_greece_island 50
wedding_paxos_greece_island 51
wedding_paxos_greece_island 52
wedding_paxos_greece_island 54
wedding_paxos_greece_island 55
wedding_paxos_greece_island 55b
wedding_paxos_greece_island 56
wedding_paxos_greece_island 57
wedding_paxos_greece_island 59
wedding_paxos_greece_island 60
wedding_paxos_greece_island 61
wedding_paxos_greece_island 62
wedding_paxos_greece_island 63
wedding_paxos_greece_island 64
wedding_paxos_greece_island 65
wedding_paxos_greece_island 66
wedding_paxos_greece_island 67
wedding_paxos_greece_island 68
wedding_paxos_greece_island 69
wedding_paxos_greece_island 70
wedding_paxos_greece_island 71
wedding_paxos_greece_island 72
wedding_paxos_greece_island 73
wedding_paxos_greece_island 74
wedding_paxos_greece_island 75
wedding_paxos_greece_island 76
wedding_paxos_greece_island 77
wedding_paxos_greece_island 78
wedding_paxos_greece_island 79
wedding_paxos_greece_island 80
wedding_paxos_greece_island 81
wedding_paxos_greece_island 82

Thank you so much, we will treasure all the pics x

The most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Oh how I wish I could learn from you. I love every one of them, and love your style of capturing life’s precious moments. Thank you for sharing !

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