When a newspaper ask you for a cover story portrait that symbolizes summer, Greeks and fun, the only proposal is… The performer Tonis Sfinos!
He is a Greek actor, dancer, signer and comedian with a total 60’s style! The audience loves him for his talent, his unique style and the fun in his live performances all over Greece!

Tonis Sfinos photoshoot

The photoshoot of Tonis Sfinos For People Mag cover of Proto Thema News took place at Kavouri Beach in Athens. It was a photoshoot full of fun, not only with Tonis Sfinos and my crew, but with all the people around us in Kavouri beach. I was there more than one hour before looking around for a vintage vespa to include in the main photo. One hour after, when Tonis came and changed in his costume I hadn’t found anything similar with a vintage vespa. When we was moving to the first spot, suddenly we saw a vespa! The owner gave us about 10 minutes to use it. After 10 minutes past, I was remember him over my head screaming to give it back and I was still shooting! After we finished with that shot, I hug him and thank him for that god send present!

In this photoshoot I realized that when you shooting in public places and you have many people around you, good things could happen and help you if you thing positive!  The photos was published on 10 August 2013. A big thanks to him and his managers for the fan and the great cooperation we had. Happy summer days to all of you!

tonis_sfinos 03
tonis_sfinos 02
tonis_sfinos 04
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