It is quite inspiring for me when the couple are so enthusiastic for my photojournalistic wedding photography style.  Isabelle and Francois coming from France to Aegina Island – Greece every year for their vacations.

Some days before their romantic wedding in Greece I received a simple, wonderfully romantic email. They simply wrote to me:

Dear Dimitris just a few words about us…

… we are together for a long time and we choose Aegina to get married, for us this moment is more a moment of complicity between two people who love each other, than something formal for the family. We love that place we know for more than 7 years. We like simple things but true and quality. We like reading, going to museums, walking, scuba diving… I learn Greek, I do pottery as a hobby and made studies of history of art and archaeology. François is passionate by Persian culture and poetry and by physics. He is also a photographer a hesitated to become a photojournalist. For us Aegina is our second home, the place we decided to get married. Hotel Nafsika is the place which make us come for many years before having our own place (and Nafsika is my second name).

This email was describing clearly everything about their personality and their connection with Aegina Island and Greek Culture. They helped me a lot to understand what kind of people they are, what is their style. When I met them it was like I have already knew them!

The romantic wedding timetable

We started in the morning with the bride and groom preparation at Hotel Nafsika. When there is a lot of time, things are cool, the couple is uninhibited and I can really capture the connection and feelings they share on such a momentous day in their lives.  There was no pressure. This is the reason I always recommend to my brides as relaxed a schedule as possible, as photography is an art that cannot be forced.

When the civil ceremony at the Town hall of Aegina ended, the portrait location was the traditional café under the Town hall of Aegina, which held a lot of meaning to them.  It is so incredibly romantic to take wedding photos at the spot where they love more and one of my favorite interior backgrounds on the Island.

In the evening we enjoy a nice dinner at Hotel Nafsika with the view of Kolona Museum and the sea of the Saronic gulf catered by Aiakeion Catering. A Greek wedding party with a lot of bouzouki follows until the first morning hours…. Félicitations!!!

wedding_in_aegina_greece 01
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