I love to leave every moment of every wedding in Greece I am coveringI am working as a wedding photographer the last seven years and this wedding was my first photography experience in this spectacular place in Aegina Island. I feel very glad and lucky I had been invited to work as a photographer in this wedding from the start to the end.

The day started with Angeliza’s and Vaggeli’s preparation at Hotel Antzy in Perdika Village. For me, one of the most emotional moments  of the wedding was the ceremony, in which the main priest was the bride’s father. The relationship of these two basic people in every wedding, blows up some of the photos and especially those with the bride and her father moving to the chapel.

What can I say about the outdoor wedding chapel location? A pure Greek white church, in a stoned landscape with a great view of Saronic Gulf and Moni Island. The bonus of the sun light goes brightly through the clouds as a background worked perfect in all over the ceremony! The white chapel’s name is “Ypapadi” and it is in the middle of Zeus temple and at the top of Oros mountain.

One of my favorite photos of 2013 became true when a bridesmade walked across my camera and a gentle breeze took her dress back. I couldn’t believe that! Another great snap was the lady with the medium format Rolleifex camera!

With the sun setting over the stunning top of Oros mountain, I drove off, leaving behind a couple walking down to the mountain.

None of this would be as amazing as it was without this group of friends and families that kept on laughing, crying, eating, drinking, cheering and dancing with the coulpe until late at night at Aeginitissa Beach Bar. Thank you Angeliza and Vagelis!

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wedding in Greece
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