Every time I am working as a photographer for a wedding at Acropolis in Athens, I feel surrounded by my country’s civilization,culture and democracy. Ideals very important not only for me, but for people all over the world.  One of the reasons I believe that, is the requests I receive from many couples from different countries, thinking about having their wedding at Acropolis. The truth is that I have never imagined a wedding like this one, in which most of the photos would have Acropolis in the background!

The wedding under Acropolis

Jim and Courtney planned perfectly their wedding at Acropolis. They came from USA for second time in Greece and booked everything online. I believe the result is more than they expected. The day started with the bride preparation at Plaka. Then I moved to the Hotel Herodion for Jim’s preparation. At the same place the bridal party would also take place. I was thrilled about the location of the Hotel, it was so close to Acropolis Museum. So close that you could see clearly many of the ancient exhibits! Before the ceremony started, we moved to Acropolis and Plaka for the portrait session full of the natural light and the clear atmosphere of September. The clouds and the play with the light made all the scene with Acropolis on the background so elemental.
The Floral design & wedding decoration was from Fabio Zardi

Some words about the couple:

I enjoyed every minute with you, your family members and friends. It was also a relaxed and pleasant wedding for me with a part of photos that I loved. I felt that you were more than clients…, sweet friends that I’m so incredibly honored to know. I enjoyed all of this talk about the purpose in Athens and etc… I hope these photos from your wedding at Acropolis will find a small place in your heart to treasure for the rest of your days.

Wish you the best for your rest of your life.

wedding_acropolis_greece 02
wedding_acropolis_greece 02b
wedding_acropolis_greece 07
wedding_acropolis_greece 03
wedding_acropolis_greece 04
wedding_acropolis_greece 05
wedding_acropolis_greece 06
wedding_acropolis_greece 08
wedding_acropolis_greece 09
wedding_acropolis_greece 10
wedding_acropolis_greece 11
wedding_acropolis_greece 12
wedding_acropolis_greece 13
wedding_acropolis_greece 14
wedding_acropolis_greece 15
wedding_acropolis_greece 16
wedding_acropolis_greece 17
wedding_acropolis_greece 18
wedding_acropolis_greece 19
wedding_acropolis_greece 19b
wedding_acropolis_greece 22
wedding_acropolis_greece 22b
wedding_acropolis_greece 23
wedding_acropolis_greece 26
wedding_acropolis_greece 27
wedding_acropolis_greece 27b
wedding_acropolis_greece 29
wedding_acropolis_greece 30
wedding_acropolis_greece 32
wedding_acropolis_greece 31
wedding_acropolis_greece 34
wedding_acropolis_greece 34b
wedding_acropolis_greece 35
wedding_acropolis_greece 36
wedding_acropolis_greece 37
wedding_acropolis_greece 37a
wedding_acropolis_greece 37ab
wedding_acropolis_greece 37b
wedding_acropolis_greece 41
wedding_acropolis_greece 42
wedding_acropolis_greece 43
wedding_acropolis_greece 44
wedding_acropolis_greece 45
wedding_acropolis_greece 46
wedding_acropolis_greece 47
wedding_acropolis_greece 48
wedding_acropolis_greece 49
wedding_acropolis_greece 50
wedding_acropolis_greece 52
wedding_acropolis_greece 51
wedding_acropolis_greece 53b
wedding_acropolis_greece 54

Jim and Courtney
You guys look absolutely fabulous. I wish John and I had been there to celebrate with you. I am so happy for you both. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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