What is the best for every couple to order after their wedding? A wedding album or the a disc with all the high resolution photos included? This is very common question that comes in every couple’s mind before or after their wedding and every professional wedding photographer must answer.

Wedding albums Vs Discs

These days, digital printed wedding albums is the best choice for showcasing wedding photos. Discs won’t last forever, they get lost, scratched, broken and with technology moving as fast as it is who is to say how long we will be able to use them for? The album pages display a chronicle of the day through attractive digital layout and editing. They are then printed and paginated, achieving greater endurance over time, as compared to conventional photo albums where the photos eventually came loose or got lost. Nowadays, digital wedding albums provide new possibilities for quality presentations of your favorite moments.  An album is what you will look and show in relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages with  your children and in years to come you will show your grand children. I cant imagine how you will show the weddings pictures via disc on your computer or i-pad or any other future device.

The cost of a wedding album

Wedding album is not one more thing to add to the ever-growing wedding budget as most of you already thinking. Albums can start from 200 euro and go up to as much as you want to spend, depending on the size, make and how many pages you choose. The average spend is more like 800 euro. The beauty of the album is it’s something you can order once the wedding is over, so not something you have to pay for straight away. You can choose the album one year after your wedding so all the big expenses are paid. Or you can  order one for your first anniversary!

Here is another beautiful wedding album I designed recently for Dinos and Eleytheria wedding May 2013 in Aegina Greece. I chose to publish this one for the great light of May. Daylight weddings in spring light are so special and you can see why. The party took place at Irides Hotel.

More info and samples of wedding albums 

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