I am driving away from Athens for a destination wedding in Sparta – Greece to meet for a second time Elias and Evaggelia and be a part of their celebration. I am feeling honoured not only for choosing me as their wedding photographer but also for booking me one year before their wedding and visit me two weeks before in my office in Aegina Island.

The wedding location is “Xirokambi”, a small village on the way from Sparta to Gytheion. The day started quietly with Evaggelia getting ready in her house with her mother and sister helping her. A lot of friends and family members waiting downstairs to hug and dance with her the last dance before the ceremony. The church of the wedding was Agia Triada of Xirokambi village

After the ceremony we moved to Neromylos estate for the photoshoot and venue. It was really nice that most of the 400 guest took part in the traditional Greek dance from the start to the end of the venue. Its enjoyable to see so many people dancing together until the first morning hours and sharing the couples happiness as same part. Thank you for letting me in to your lives for that day and allowing me to tell your story from your destination wedding in Sparta. I hope my pictures tell you more than my words… All the best!

wedding_sparti_greece_ 01
wedding_sparti_greece_ 02
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