Every wedding changes the physical and emotional condition of the wedding photographer. After the end of the photoshoot, apart from the physical tiredness, the photographer takes with him and a bunch of memories, experiences, friends, photos and feelings… The next day all those experiences becoming knowledge that helps you to continue getting better both on a professional and personal level.

About This wedding photography experience

From this wedding photography experience, apart from the above, I earned two friends… Nikos and Vera. Two unique and beloved people who I would love their marriage become an example for all of us. Maybe was the ideal sunset from Agios Kosmas chapel. Maybe it was the joy and the fun we had at Ammos… Maybe it was the day after photoshoot we have done in Aegina … Maybe it was something more that makes their life and their wedding so special. I cant really determine what makes it so special… I guess is what most couples looking for to be happy and to continue to enjoy their common life.

Thank you from my heart for the joy to attend and capture your wedding. Thank you for all that we have shared after the wedding and for everything else that follows …

For the moment my favorite pictures follows!

wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 0
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 01
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 02
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 03
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 04
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 05
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 09
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 08
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 10
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 11
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 12
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 13
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 14
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 15
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 16
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 17
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 18
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 19
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 20
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 21
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 22
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 24
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 25
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 26
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 27
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 28
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 29
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 30
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 31
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 32
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 33
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 34
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 35
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 36
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 37
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 38
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 39
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 40
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 41
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 42
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 43
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 44
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 45
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 46
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 47
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 48
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 49
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 50
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 51
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 52
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 53
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 54
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 55
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 56
wedding_athens_greece_vera_nikos_ 57
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