Continuing on from my previous article on the most beautiful churches and chapels suitable for weddings in Athens Greece, I want to add a bit about the most charming and popular churches and chapels for weddings in the Attica region.

φοτογραφος γάμου Αθήνα

One of the joys of being a wedding photographer springs from the variety of locations I get to visit. It is an amazing experience to discover beautiful churches and chapels for weddings in Attica – Greece, particularly when they are just a stone’s throw away in Athens. This experience is not so much the result of being a wedding photographer, as it is the couples’ desire to stage their everlasting memories in unique settings and to offer their guests a brief escape and a chance to enjoy the magnificent settings that make up the backdrop of most remote chapels. In this way, I also discover marvelous new locations, which I am happy to share through my blog. It is my hope to inspire couples to seek out a church or chapel for their wedding in Attica Greece so that their special day can be even more enjoyable for them and their guests – and of course for us photographers!

Why couples choose a church or chapel for a wedding in Attica Greece

The trend for taking a brief, one-day getaway trip to nearby destinations outside Athens has grown in the last two years. Thus, it is now much easier to plan your event more economically and quickly by choosing a church or chapel in Attica – Greece to hold a wedding or baptism that allows you to combine everything: lower cost, convenience, enjoyment, a change for you and your guests, and of course, the most beautiful photographs, which is the photographer’s primary goal.

So if you can appreciate the importance of location in your wedding experience and if you are looking for a chapel in Attica, this article is for you. The many areas of Attica hide a number of incredible churches and chapels just waiting to be discovered.

The following are some of the chapels I have visited in Attica and can wholeheartedly recommend for a wedding. The aspects I have taken into consideration include the architecture, the surroundings, options for photographs, lighting, parking, distance from the city center, the politeness of the church staff (priests, sextons, etc.) and respect for the ceremony, the space available to accommodate guests both inside and outside the temple and access to suitable reception venues near the church.

Penteli Holy Monastery

The Penteli Monastery is one of the most popular churches within Attica. It is a 16th century stone-built monastery housing just a few monks and is surrounded by a large expanse of green space. The entire experience – from the parking area to the conduct ceremony – is ideally suited to weddings and baptisms, which are mainly held inside the church. On the negative side, it hosts numerous ceremonies, and the courtyard can get a little crowded. It is a good idea to book a time without other ceremonies either before or after. Its location in the northern suburbs of Athens offers a large number of options for food. Sample from baptism photoshoot in Pedeli Monastery

Ιερά Μονή Πεντέλης
Ιερά Μονή Πεντέλης


Paliopanagia Church of the Dormition – Peania

Paliopanagia is another of the more popular chapels in Attica for weddings and baptisms. The church is located in north Peania, about 3 km from Lavrio Avenue (the road that leads from Stavros to Peania). Built of stone throughout and featuring a charming courtyard, it is reminiscent of a village square. Outside the church, there are steps around the area where ceremonies take place that provide your guests an amphitheatrical view. Convenient roadside parking is available just outside the church grounds, while in the summer months, the trees in the courtyard provide shade for your guests. Photographs may be taken within the grounds, provided there are no guests from a preceding or subsequent ceremony. Another important element is the kind and respectful conduct of the priest during the ceremony. Baptism Sample from Palaiopanagia Paianias

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 15
Παλιοπαναγιά Παιανίας
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 17
Παλιοπαναγιά Παιανίας


Profitis Ilias – Lavrio

Profitis Ilias at Lavrio for me is the most beautiful church I have been to in Attica. It stands alone at the edge of a cape, starkly white, noble and full of light both inside and out. Lavrio is about one hour from Athens, and upon arrival one is filled with a sense of freedom akin to being on an island, as Profitis Ilias is almost surrounded by water. The area behind the church is perfect for photographs in the afternoon, with the sea as a backdrop. Lavrio also features a number of options for receptions. Sample from wedding at Profitis Ilias – Lavrion

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 06
Προφήτης Ηλίας στο Λαύριο
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 07
Προφήτης Ηλίας στο Λαύριο

Agios Petros – Sounio

Agios Petros at Sounio, or St. Peter, is a tiny chapel set in a relatively restricted space that I would recommend only if your guest list is limited to about 100. The reason I include it here, though, are the church surroundings. There is a lovely beach just below the chapel of Agios Petros. It is possible to arrange for catering for about 100 people on the chapel grounds with the impressive Temple of Poseidon in Sounio in the background. Something else to keep in mind here is the selection of the priest who will conduct the ceremony. Sample from a baptism in Agios Petros Sounio

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 03
Ο Άγιος Πέτρος Σούνιου
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 05
Ο Άγιος Πέτρος Σουνίου

Panagitsa Chapel in Pachi, Megara

A wide pier through the Saronic Sea leads to the brilliant white chapel of Panagitsa in Pachi, Megara. Ceremonies take place both inside and outside the church. Parking is available just before the entrance to the pier that leads to the church, but care is needed if your ceremony follows one with a large number of guests, as space is restricted. Dotted around the bay where the church is located are a number of restaurants for food, though I cannot speak to their services. Sample of a baptism photoshoot at Megara

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 01
Παναγίτσα Πάχης Μεγάρων
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 02
Παναγίτσα Πάχης Μεγάρων


Agia Marina – Kalamos

Agia Marina is at the edge of a rock with Kalamos Bay in the background. It features well-tended grounds with paths leading through pine trees to the church and winding behind it where guests can take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking view. Parking is a problem, as the entrance from the road to the church is narrow, and there are no other options. Parking just in front of the church should be avoided, as there is space for two or three cars, usually reserved for the priest and florist deliveries. It also spoils the appearance of the chapel. There are plenty of options for food along the Kalamos waterfront for after the ceremony. The area behind the chapel is an ideal setting for photographs, while heading to Kalamos beach is also an option.

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 13
Αγία Μαρίνα Καλάμου
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 14
Αγία Μαρίνα Καλάμου

Agia Kyriaki – Steni, Evia

I left the chapel of Agia Kyriaki in the village of Steni in Evia for last. This may not be in the Attica region, but it is only an hour away from Athens and well worth the experience offered by this church. Agia Kyriaki is essentially built into a cave. The extensive square outside the church is full of plane trees, a river runs just below and a picturesque bridge connects the church to the square. This idyllic setting is marked off by vendors selling traditional fare and there is a restaurant serving satisfactory food just next door. What the pictures cannot show, though, are the sounds of the birds, the flowing water and the whispering of the plane trees that round off the stage for a unique experience. Sample of a baptism photoshoot at Agia Kiriaki Evia

ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 10
Αγία Κυριακή Στενής στην Εύβοία
ekklisies_ksoklisia_attiki_gamos_vaptisi 12
Αγία Κυριακή Στενής στην Εύβοία

I hope this article on the churches and chapels for weddings in Attica, Greece, has been useful. I will add to it as I visit other interesting churches and would love to hear your suggestions as well.


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