A sunny autumn day in Paiania. It was day that you need the sunlight to feel comfortable … The baptism before ours ending. Walking down on the stairs and the stone made square that hosts Palaiopanagia its in front of us reminiscent a stolen piece from the village square. The clouds over the sky of Paiania badges adorn each frame, letting some beams of light to pass trough giving a full description of the temple under sunlight. Little Margarita arrives sheltered in the arms of her parents and the baptism photoshoot begins. The chapel’s yard was the ideal setting for a series of baptism photos in Palaiopanagia with her godfather and her parents… We were lucky cause of the time we had in our disposal before the baptism. Its an important tip to have nice baptism pictures with the baby full of smile. This time was significant in baptism Margarita because throughout mystery and after the end she were crying! Here are some of the highlights of the day through my favorite photos from this baptism in Palaiopanagia Paianias.

vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 02
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 03
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 04
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 05
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 06
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 07
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 08
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 09
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 10
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 11
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 12
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 13
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 14
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 15
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 16
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 19
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 20
vaptisi_palaiopanagia_paianias 17
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