The ideal occasion for family photos is on the family vacations! In this way You combine the photos with keeping the memory of your vacations alive and bring it back home! The following photoshoot that took place at Cape Sounio Hotel and Poseidon Temple in Athens, was mother’s desire, to bring back home to Texas some professional photos with from her family vacations in Greece! I met them in Cape Sounio a couple of weeks before some days after they arrived in Greece. The first part of the photoshoot took place in the exterior of the Hotel and then we moved to Poseidon Temple to have some family photos with the impressive Temple as a backround and the magnificent and view of the Aegean sea… When you visit Sounio, everyone could feel the reason that ancient Greeks choose this location to build the Temple of Poseidon.  Thank god we have all these natural beauty and those ancient Temples like Poseidon Acropolis and Afaia, (that making an isosceles triangle) to show us the importance of ancient knowledge and give us this unique feeling and experience to be a part it for a while…  Big thanks to the family not only for the photos but mostly for being the reason to make me feel for one more time the experience to visit this special place!

family_photoshoot_athens_greece 03-2
family_photoshoot_athens_greece 04
family_photoshoot_athens_greece 03

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