Its like an ordinary day when I am having a morning coffee and waiting to download my emails. “No its not true! Yes! I am on the list with the finalist of the AGWPJA wedding photography competition!” I am going into the page of AGWPGA and I am 3d in the category of Ceremony! This is my first award in a global high level completion such us WPJA. Those two wedding photography organizations suggest fine art photographers to couples in all over the world. Photography Competitions is important part. Pushing up the level of photography and the quality of the photographers the organizations taking part. I am proud as a Greek professional wedding photographer taking the 3d place in the category of “Ceremony” and also proud about another Greek colleague Vasilis Maneas whose took the forth place.

I will continue do my best as a wedding photographer. Thank you to all of you who realize and support the importance of photography as an investment. The finalist photos.


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