Friday afternoon and we are moving to the chapel of Agios Kosmas close to Akrotiri Club to cover Andreas and Cleopatra wedding in Athens – Greece. Its the first time in this chapel as a wedding photographer. We got there (with my assistant) about an hour before the ceremony starts. Agios Kosmas is a chapel on the rocks with really nice view of Saronic gulf. Cleopatra and Andreas was both full of energy and happiness. After the end of the ceremony we moved to Island Lounge bar. The Blue moon was all the night on the sky and the view was imaginary. The party started with the singer and couple’s friend Julie Massino singing for the them! Enjoy my favorite photos from this wedding.

gamos_agios_kosmas 01
gamos_agios_kosmas 02
gamos_agios_kosmas 03
gamos_agios_kosmas 04
gamos_agios_kosmas 05
gamos_agios_kosmas 06
gamos_agios_kosmas 07
gamos_agios_kosmas 08
gamos_agios_kosmas 10
gamos_agios_kosmas 11
gamos_agios_kosmas 12
gamos_agios_kosmas 13
gamos_agios_kosmas 14
gamos_agios_kosmas 16
gamos_agios_kosmas 17
gamos_agios_kosmas 18
gamos_agios_kosmas 21
gamos_agios_kosmas 22
gamos_agios_kosmas 25
gamos_agios_kosmas 27
gamos_agios_kosmas 28
gamos_agios_kosmas 30
gamos_agios_kosmas 31
gamos_agios_kosmas 33
gamos_agios_kosmas 36
gamos_agios_kosmas 37
gamos_agios_kosmas 38
gamos_agios_kosmas 39
gamos_agios_kosmas 40
gamos_agios_kosmas 41
gamos_agios_kosmas 42
gamos_agios_kosmas 43
gamos_agios_kosmas 44
gamos_agios_kosmas 45
gamos_agios_kosmas 46
gamos_agios_kosmas 47
gamos_agios_kosmas 48
gamos_agios_kosmas 49
gamos_agios_kosmas 50
gamos_agios_kosmas 51
gamos_agios_kosmas 52
gamos_agios_kosmas 53
gamos_agios_kosmas 55
gamos_agios_kosmas 54
gamos_agios_kosmas 57
gamos_agios_kosmas 58
gamos_agios_kosmas 59
gamos_agios_kosmas 60
gamos_agios_kosmas 62
gamos_agios_kosmas 64
gamos_agios_kosmas 66
gamos_agios_kosmas 65
gamos_agios_kosmas 67

[…] A short distance past Palaio Faliro, turning into the Agios Kosmas Sailing Club and right next to the Akrotiri Club-Restaurant, there is a small, gleaming-white church built right on the rocks of the cape with a view of the sea and the Saronic Gulf. Because the chapel is quite small, the actual wedding ceremonies are held at the threshold of the church, where there is plenty of natural light and a view of the setting sun . The chapel shares parking with the Akrotiri Athens Club and you may need to contact someone there for permission to use it. Sample of a wedding in Agios Kosmas Akrotiri […]

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