It was my first time shooting wedding in Spetses Island Greece. Two days was enough for us to love the location. I was really excited with the hotel Poseidonio where I covered the bride preparation. The groom John Michael comes from a family grown up in Spetses and he lives in USA where his father moved before many many years. I was also excited with the grandmother of the Family 100 years old! John Michael and Lynn decided to make their Wedding in Greece and more specific in Spetses cause of their love for the Island… They coming every year for vacations!

I stayed all the time covering Lynn’s preparation to the ceremony so I had the opportunity to capture some great pictures as their wedding photographer, with her father in the room looking outside the window, leaving for the church with a horse and on the way to Agios Nikolas. After the ceremony we moved walking to La Luz club restaurant at the old harbor of Spetses. I want to thank both of them for the great time and pictures! Here is my favorite photographs from their wedding in Spetses

wedding_spetses_ 01
wedding_spetses_ 02
wedding_spetses_ 03
wedding_spetses_ 04
wedding_spetses_ 06
wedding_spetses_ 07
wedding_spetses_ 05
wedding_spetses_ 08
wedding_spetses_ 09
wedding_spetses_ 10
wedding_spetses_ 10b
wedding_spetses_ 11
wedding_spetses_ 15
wedding_spetses_ 16
wedding_spetses_ 12
wedding_spetses_ 16b
wedding_spetses_ 18
wedding_spetses_ 20
wedding_spetses_ 22
wedding_spetses_ 22b
wedding_spetses_ 25
wedding_spetses_ 26
wedding_spetses_ 28
wedding_spetses_ 24
wedding_spetses_ 29
wedding_spetses_ 30
wedding_spetses_ 31
wedding_spetses_ 32
wedding_spetses_ 33
wedding_spetses_ 34
wedding_spetses_ 35
wedding_spetses_ 36
wedding_spetses_ 37
wedding_spetses_ 38
wedding_spetses_ 40
wedding_spetses_ 42
wedding_spetses_ 43
wedding_spetses_ 44
wedding_spetses_ 45
wedding_spetses_ 46
wedding_spetses_ 47
wedding_spetses_ 48
wedding_spetses_ 49
wedding_spetses_ 52
wedding_spetses_ 54
wedding_spetses_ 55
wedding_spetses_ 56
wedding_spetses_ 57
wedding_spetses_ 58
wedding_spetses_ 59
wedding_spetses_ 60
wedding_spetses_ 61
wedding_spetses_ 62
wedding_spetses_ 63
wedding_spetses_ 64
wedding_spetses_ 66
wedding_spetses_ 67
wedding_spetses_ 68
wedding_spetses_ 69
wedding_spetses_ 71
wedding_spetses_ 73
wedding_spetses_ 74
wedding_spetses_ 75
wedding_spetses_ 77
wedding_spetses_ 76
wedding_spetses_ 78
wedding_spetses_ 79
wedding_spetses_ 80

Very nice album. I think you watched every moment of the function to shot. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

These images are amazing with great expressions!!

Happy people and Happy photographer! Thank you 🙂

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