Some days before I received an email from the art director of the British Magazine Professional Photographer. They inform me that two of my photos I have send for the Yearly photography competition for the “Photographer of The Year”, has been chosen by the sponsors as best photos in two different categories. The two photos in Wedding and Portrait categories published in the November Issue. The results of the competition will be publish in January.

The Professional Photographer magazine is one of the most popular magazines for photographers across Europe. In each page is hosting professionals from different subjects of photography. It has thousands of readers and followers and significant sponsors.

Its very important for my work to be exposed and more importantly if this goes global . I was thinking that the photos I have submitted should show moments of Greek Tradition and locations. So even if I didn’t choosed to be the best photographer in a specific category, I could promote my country with my participation. I am glad cause the two categories I have chosen for are those I am more interesting through. The wedding photo is also the winning photo in an another competition hosted by agwpja and the portrait photo of the famous Greek actor Takis Spiridakis is one of my favorites.


Congratulations! Wish you the best, what an accomplishment!

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