Every wedding is a new photographic challenge for me. I am trying to give my best as a wedding photographer, as an artist. Its not easy when you try to combine light, shapes and feelings in every photo you capture. Here is Lynn and Jonathan wedding in Aegina Greece. It was a non orthodox wedding in an orthodox church of Agia Marina by the sea. Many couple’s friends came to Greece from England to enjoy their wedding. The preparation of the bride took place in Rastoni Hotel in the center of Aegina Island, very close from the groom’s house.  The weather in the end of August was fine so we have great light for the photoshoot right after the wedding. The party took place at Hotel Klonos Anna Hotel and the DJ Takis Tsopanos did his best for all of us to have a great party. The food was from Aiakeion Catering. Here is my favorite photos from the wedding of Lynn and Jonathan in Aegina. Wish you the best!

wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 02
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 02b
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 03
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 06
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 08
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 10
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 11
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 13
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 12
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 14
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 15
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 16
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 17
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 18
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 19
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 20
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 21
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 22
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 25
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 24
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 27
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 29
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 30
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 32
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 33
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 35
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 36
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 37
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 38
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 39
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 41
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 42
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 43
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 45
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 44
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 46
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 47
wedding klonos anna hotel
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 49
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 50
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 51
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 52
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 53
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 55
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 56
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 57
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 58
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 59
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 60
wedding_lynn&jonathan_aegina 61

Thank you Anne! Love from Greece!!!

Superb! …. I love it. I have added you to Cote Weddings Pinterest Boards for photography.

Bonne journée!


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