Maria and Giorgos are musicians, Greek Bouzouki players and singers also. They decided to make their first CD album and here is the photos for the cd cover. The old Greek songs that they are playing made us chose a more vintage style in poses and colors. We included also the retro amp as an object. I wish them the best for their career. The photoshoot of the tow Greek musicians took place in my studio some days before. The photos will be included in their first CD Album and all the promotion material. Here is a solo of Giorgos in YouTube


I am still thinking the depth of field. I was between a grungy background and a blur one. I decided to go for the grungy to give something more real in the picture. Mark your comment is on target, thank you for mention this

Nice plain background with little few props less is more. She’s beautiful which is a bonus.
lighting is perfect, but I would have diffused the background a little using Depth of Field either in Camera or in Photoshop just to get rid of the odd wrinkle/wave showing in the paper.
In any case, I would be proud of them. Good job, well done. Keep the work coming in.

It doesn’t matter where we all are as photographers as it’s still a struggle against the lack of money available from our customer base. So I wish all Photographer world wide the best of business luck, you deserve it.

Very nice watery backdrop and lighting are quite appropriate and if they are happy .. i know these will work for them nicely .. I also love to do CD covers and have done quite a few .. the photography must work with the music and add to the mood they want to create… thanks for sharing

I think the overhead light works quite well for this photo session, it kind of open and at the same time brakes up the whole composition. Now I’m a person that leaved in Greece for a while and i’m familiar with the Greek music, if they play the music I think they do then the last shot is the best one, by my opinion, that will stay nicely on the front of the CD cover. Just one thing I’m not sure about and this is the color toning of the images, this type of look kind of will suit better a Rock, Pop or something a bit more alternatively orientated.
But this is just me 😉 …. after all you did exponentially good work with the above images!!!

I am working a lot in toning cause I am really interesting in. Its seems like and old movie cinematic style to me, I am not sure ether how to determine this. I didn’t tried to copy something else, I tried to create a toning that fits (on my opinion) with this subject, clothing and etc. Thank you Nikolay!

Hello Kevan! The truth is that I choose to use an above light, first to give some more space in my frame and second to give a feeling of stage lighting like both used to be.

Not knowing their style of music, except from your description, the look and feel of the images, the singers, the retro amp all seem to fit smoothly together and create a nice vibe. I love the light above their heads.
Some of her expressions are rather detached and moody which I rather like. The idea of an album title ‘Light From Above” also entered my mind.
Best of Luck

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