Last month I spend some time looking back to my portrait works. From 2006 to 2012 these portraits published in many magazines, newspapers and news-sites in Greece and United Kingdom. I love portraits even if its painted, sculpted or shooted. Each of them means something to me… Its more than a picture with good composition, light, forms and subject. It is includes a story behind, an energy I have shared with every subject and sometimes a culture or knowledge about life. Most of them are well known Greek artists or daily people that lives through their art. I have made this portfolio with my favorite portraits to have a place I can look back to them when its need it. In 2013 I have build new partnerships with magazines and newspapers and I am ready to meet new people, shoot them in new locations and share new things with them. I hope you enjoy my portrait photography work portfolio and be also inspiring to you my friends!


Σε ευχαριστώ Γιάννη μου! Πολύ συχνά μου έρχονται στο μυαλό τις κουβέντες μας στο Λονδίνο… Ελπίζω φέτος το Χειμώνα να τα πούμε από κοντά, take care!

na eisai kala Dimitri… harika pou eida mazemena ta portraita sou… yperoxh douleia eilikrina… na eisai panta kala

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