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Μια Ιδιαίτερη Φωτογράφιση Γάμου στην Οία της Σαντορίνης

pre_wedding_photoshoot_Santorini_Oia_Greece 02

Η Σαντορίνη και συγκεκριμένα η Οία αποτελεί έναν από τους δημοφιλέστερους προορισμούς γάμου, όχι μόνο στην Ελλάδα αλλά και σε όλο τον κόσμο. Γιατί τόσα ζευγάρια από όλο τον κόσμο επιλέγουν την Σαντορίνη για γαμήλιο προορισμό τους; Τι είναι αυτό που κάνει το νησί τόσο δημοφιλές; Η απάντηση είναι απλή … Η Σαντορίνη δεν είναι απλά ένα νησί, είναι
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Wedding Photographer in Santorini / Oia for Chinese Couple


Santorini and especially Oia is one of the most popular wedding destinations not only in Greece but worldwide. Why so many couples from all over the world choose Santorini for their destination wedding? What makes this location so popular? The answer is simple… Santorini is not just an Island, its something more than this… Is
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Η Απόφαση του Γάμου Σας Σχετίζεται με τον Φωτογράφο?

getting married in aegina greece

Ο γάμος είναι μια απόφαση. Η απόφαση του ενός να ζήσει με τον άλλο ανεξάρτητα των δυσκολιών και των προκλήσεων που θα καλείται να αντιμετωπίσει. Η απόφαση αυτή είναι που απελευθερώνει το μυαλό από σκέψεις και ανησυχίες για το μέλλον. Στην πραγματικότητα αυτό που συμβαίνει μετά από την απόφαση του γάμου, είναι ένα από τα πιο
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How The Wedding Decision Impacts Wedding Photography

getting married in aegina greece

Wedding is a decision. A decision of each one to live with the other regardless the unknown feature, the difficulties and the challenges they will face. This decision is what releases the mind of each one from any thoughts and concerns about their future. Actually this is one of the most important things that releases
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“Feyrouz’s” Portrait Photoshoot in Athens

feyrouz photoshoot in Athens

Feyrouz meaning turquoise and is a Lebanese singer who is among the most widely admired and deeply respected living singers in the Arab world. There is another well known fayrouz in Athens and well known for her tasted and more specifically for her lachmatzoun! The photoshoot location was her shop in the center of Athens and became very popular the
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Photoshoot of the Greek Chef Nikos Sarantos in Athens

greek_chef_nikos_sarantos 01

Mr Nikos Sarantos is one of the most significant Greek chefs. Twenty years ago he was the one that founded the Greek Chefs Club and spread Greek gastronomy in all over the world. He is not only a talented Greek chef but also a chef with vision and passion for giving to the Greek Cuisine
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Photoshoot of the Most Traveled Man of the World!

Babis Bizas photoshoot in Athens

Babis Bizas had been awarded with Guinness Record as “The most Traveled man of the world”! After he came back from his recent trip at South Pole Babis Bizas gives an interview about this unique experience. What made Babis Bizas to be so lucky that he had travel to all the countries of the wold
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Photoshoot of The Greek Biologist Manolis Dermitzakis

manolis_dermitzakis 02

When you hear the word biologist and researcher the picture that comes in your mind is a lab full of test tubes, coloured smoking liquids. But the truth of the modern biology is not like this. Recently I have been to BRFAA – Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens to meet the Greek scientist and biologist Dr
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Photoshoot of the Greek Scientist Aristides Patrinos in Athens

Dr Aristides Patrinos

Dr Aristides Patrinos was the Greek scientist that from the decoding of the human genome, went one step forward, using the DNA of plants and microbes in the cheap and environmentally friendly energy production. Dr. Aristides Patrinos is the Greek who coordinated successfully the biggest scientific project in human history, making many admit (among them Bill Clinton)
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Psychologist Daniel Gilbert Photoshoot in Athens

Psychologist Daniel Gilbert in Athens for K magazine

Dan Gilbert, the psychologist of Harvard was one of the speakers of Athens TED 2014. Dan Gilbert believes that, in our ardent, lifelong pursuit of happiness, most of us have the wrong map. In the same way that optical illusions fool our eyes — and fool everyone’s eyes in the same way — Gilbert argues
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