About Me

My name is Dimitris Vlaikos, I've been a wedding photographer since 2006 and I'm still in love with my job. Weddings might be a tradition but their true significance is rooted on the core of human experience: the connection with others. The bonds that tie us together and make us feel that we are loved, that we belong, that we matter.
Love, family and friendship.
Three good reasons to celebrate your love for each other, and the best motivation for sharing.

I am father and a husband. I'm sensitive, laid back, and enjoy a good conversation. I'm a music, arts and tea lover. I live in Aegina Island, one hour from Athens. It's a beautiful Island with great history, nature and, most of all, a great place to raise a family and enjoy swimming.
Since I became a father I've truly realized the importance of photography as a way of saving moments that pass quickly, and given time, will probably fade from our memories.
My focus is creating images that combine a refined aesthetic quality with an emotional value to make them priceless memories. On 2023 I published my first photography book with the title "MYRMIDONES" and created an art photography gallery space in the center of Aegina island in where we can meet.