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All Day Wedding Party in Aegina Island!

Δεξίωση γάμου στην Αίγινα

Every wedding is different, unique and special, it sounds trivial but its true. The wedding and how its designed, is nothing else but a reflection of every couple through their interests, preferences, common tastes (hopefully!) and desires. All the above are expressed in every little detail of the wedding day. The expression comes through decoration,
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NYC Celebrity Greek Hair Dresser Demetris Potamianos

NYC Celebrity Greek Hair Dresser Demetris Potamianos

New York, the city of challenge and opportunities, the city of expression and fashion. The New York City Celebrity hair dresser Demetris Potamianou is a combination of all the above. Many Hollywood celebrities choosing his DS Studio and one of his famous clients is Bush Family. Recently and on the occasion of his coming in his native,
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Vaptisi in Agios Kosmas for Anastasia

βάπτιση στον Άγιο Κοσμά Ελληνικό

From each wedding or vaptisi photoshoot coming up some photos that stand out cause there are represent both the uniqueness of the day and the uniqueness of artistic and personal expression of each wedding professional photographer. This does not mean that the remaining images from the baptism will be the same as any other professional
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Lost In Istanbul…


Istanbul or “Constantinople” is the combination of civilizations had passed and lived in all the previous centuries. But its not only up to the level of culture. Its a combination as well as geomorphological that spreads from one side to the other of the city. The city expresses this diversity in every corner of every street from
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Wedding in Panagitsa Paleo Faliro for Parthena & Jochen

Γάμος στην Παναγίτσα Παλαιού Φαλήρου

Here comes a morning wedding in Athens in the heart of winter at one of the most popular chapels for weddings at the Southern Athens, Panagitsa of Paleo Faliro. The wedding of Parthena and Joscen is on of these weddings I would recommend to every couple for the simplicity of the day. Sunday morning, minimal,
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Portrait of a Traditional Greek Woman of Constantinople

πολίτικη κουζίνα

Every cuisine in the world is the result of culture and its influences. So the multicultural character of Constantinople / Istanbul is the result of the culture and habits of Greeks, Armenian and French people and due to the years came to be what is today. People who respect the traditions, remain consistent to them
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Baptism in Agia Marina Kalamos for Christina

Βάπτιση στην Αγία Μαρίνα Καλάμου

The view upon entering the yard of Agia Marina seaside chapel at Kalamos is truly magnificent. The wonderful bay of Agioi Apostoloi spreads in front of you and fills your eye with a total blue sea view. The chapel of Agia Marina is build on a location that, except of relational reference, is a soul cleansing
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Portrait of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomeos

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomeos

This time I am in Istanbul to shoot for the Christmas issue of Gastronomos Magazine of Kathimerini. Within the program there is a chance to visit the Phanar. A Greek tribute about Istanbul has to include images from the Patriarchate. Due to the program of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios, we considered that it will be
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A Baptism in Plaka for Anna

βάπτιση στην πλάκα

The baptism in Plaka is an ideal destination for your baby’s baptism and your guests. Plaka is always Familiar, easy and traditional … What could be more ideal?  Sunday morning walking along the streets of downtown Athens, meeting your beloved family members and friends and after the baptism enjoy your coffee and lunch in one
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