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Portrait of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomeos

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomeos

This time I am in Istanbul to shoot for the Christmas issue of Gastronomos Magazine of Kathimerini. Within the program there is a chance to visit the Phanar. A Greek tribute about Istanbul has to include images from the Patriarchate. Due to the program of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios, we considered that it will be
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A Baptism in Plaka for Anna

βάπτιση στην πλάκα

The baptism in Plaka is an ideal destination for your baby’s baptism and your guests. Plaka is always Familiar, easy and traditional … What could be more ideal?  Sunday morning walking along the streets of downtown Athens, meeting your beloved family members and friends and after the baptism enjoy your coffee and lunch in one
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Wishes For Happy New Year 2015!


“Every year is a journey. We are not the same people as each year draws to a close. We have to be different, better, to have realized our mistakes and determined not to repeat them in the future. It’s a journey with a single destination: Our perfection, our freedom, our balance, our true happiness. It’s
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Baptism Photos in Palaiopanagia Paianias for Margarita

βάπτιση στην Παλαιοπαναγιά Παιανίας

A sunny autumn day in Paiania. It was day that you need the sunlight to feel comfortable … The baptism before ours ending. Walking down on the stairs and the stone made square that hosts Palaiopanagia its in front of us reminiscent a stolen piece from the village square. The clouds over the sky of
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Popular Churches and Chapels for Weddings in Attica Greece

eklisies kai ksoklisia attikis gia gamo vaptisi

Continuing on from my previous article on the most beautiful churches and chapels suitable for weddings in Athens Greece, I want to add a bit about the most charming and popular churches and chapels for weddings in the Attica region. One of the joys of being a wedding photographer springs from the variety of locations
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Planet Solar’s Mission in Greece – for K Magazine

Planet Solar Greece

Planet Solar for those who doesn’t not know is the largest catamaran in the world that works with solar energy.    The reason of Planet Solar visit Greece was one of the most interesting archaeological expeditions ever done in our country, the search precipitated a prehistoric settlement close to the cave of Argolida “according to
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Wedding at Vouliagmeni Lake for Elli and Giorgos

wedding photography at Vouliagmeni lake Athens Greece

Last days of August, once again on the road as a wedding photographer. Glorious sunshine, traditions from Cyprus, seaside photshoot and Vouliagmeni lake for the finale. I always enjoying be a part of relaxing weddings. You have the time to observe, to understand, to see and capture more details…Elli’s and George’s wedding in Vouliagmeni Lake was
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Wedding at Agios Konstantinos Glyfada for Rosa and George

wedding_photography_glyfada_athens_greece_ 01

I am so excited posting this beautiful wedding at Agios Konstantinos in Glyfada of Rosa and George. One of the greatest things in the difficult field of wedding photography in Greece I have chosen, is that you met people and hear their stories from all over the world. These stories blow up your mind when
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Amazing Wedding in Island Club Varkiza for Alvini and Tarik

Wedding Photography at Island - Athens for Alvini and Tarik

A neoclassical house in the center of Athens with gorgeous interior full of vintage objects. A happy couple full of love and totally out of stress. Couple’s Parents full of hospitality and kindness. A wonderful photoshoot by the sea. An amazing wedding ceremony at Island Club restaurant Varkiza. Was all these ingredients that a blow up
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Wedding in Island Varkiza for Doris and Alexandros

Wedding at Island Club Athens for Doris and Alexandros

It was a pleasure for me to be the wedding photographer of this wedding in Island Club restaurant in Varkiza. Doris and Alexandros coming from Zürich to Alexandros mother country, Greece,  to celebrate with their friends this special wedding day in Island Varkiza. The day started with preparations at the Golden Sun Hotel before I moved
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