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Greek Model George Manikas Photoshoot for Proto Thema News

George Manikas

George Manikas is one of the most decorated Greek male models. He has participated in many campaigns and fashion shows. He decided to produce his own yogurt ice cream recipe for those who love ice cream, yogurt and fitness. The photoshoot for Proto Thema Newspaper took place in a neoclassical house build in 1800 on
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Filming in Greece – Photoshoot For Proto Thema News

filming in greece

Filming in Greece is like a dream come true, the writer/director of the film ‘The Journey’  Lance Nielsen says… He is inspired by his experiences during a trip to a Greek island following the loss of a close friend. The most of the filming took place in Aegina Island. Proto Thema News features The backstage
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Greek Ceramist Theodora Chorafa for “K” Magazine – Kathimerini


In occasion of the 35 years Benaki Museum shop operation and the International Museum Day of 18 May, K Magazine of Kathimerini Νews features three of the artists from all over Greece that co operating all these years with the shop of the museum. One of them is the ceramist Theodora Chorafa that the last
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Yoga Teacher Photoshoot for purefitness.gr

Every day we are trying to have a better life or a better quality of life. We are working more and more trying to create things we want, things that will make us happy. The last year I considered that the most important thing is our self. If you haven’t good health in your body
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Greek World Champions – Photoshoot for Proto Thema News


Lefteris Petrounias, Vasiliki Millousi and Lefteris Kosmidis are Greek World Champions in Gymnastics. Recently they won Golden medals in competitions in France and Germany. I was very happy and proud when the staff of Proto Thema News call me and hire me to photoshoot the three Athletes for their interview in People magazine. The photoshoot
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Konstantina Voulgari Photoshoot for “K” Magazine – Kathimerini


For the direction of her new movie “Congratulations to Optimistic” Kontsantina Voulgari photoshooted by photographer Dimitris Vlaikos for “K” Magazine of Kathimerini News. The photoshoot took place at the productions office Located in Athens.  The photo and the interview by Selina Vronti published in 24 March, Issue 512. Here is the published portrait.

Greek Portrait Photographer Dimitris Vlaikos Portfolio and Bio

Last month I spend some time looking back to my portrait works. From 2006 to 2012 these portraits published in many magazines, newspapers and news-sites in Greece and United Kingdom. I love portraits even if its painted, sculpted or shooted. Each of them means something to me… Its more than a picture with good composition,
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Greek Musicians – Giorgos and Maria CD Cover Photoshoot


Maria and Giorgos are musicians, Greek Bouzouki players and singers also. They decided to make their first CD album and here is the photos for the cd cover. The old Greek songs that they are playing made us chose a more vintage style in poses and colors. We included also the retro amp as an
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Students Photoshoot for Saronic Magazine

Students was the subject of an article for December issue of Saronic Magazine . This photo was selected to  accompany the article. I decided to shoot tree young students portrait in their school environment having fun with each other.

Musician Portrait inspired from Greek Cretan Music

Every photograph is document. There is a story behind every portrait, usually it is an interesting personality that makes the documentation stronger. I love shooting artist cause they are doing interesting things giving their life or live through their art. Musicians are not like actors. They aren’t such powerful in posing and such expressive. You
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