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Portrait Photoshoot of a Young Actress Tina


Sharing creative time with different people is quite interesting. Usual artists are more interesting people cause of their education, their vision, dreams and the view about reality.  Sometimes is about the energy, other is about the common thinks that bring you closer and most is about the experience you have when you shooting them. Last
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Greek Actress Natalia Dragoumi Photoshoot

She is beautiful, talented quite impressive woman. She had  participate in many Greek movies and serials in Greek TV. The photoshoot of the actress Natalia Dragoumi took place in Aegina for her Interview in AeginaNews. More Greek celebrity portraits

ONIRAMA Rock Band Photoshoot

One of the most famous Band in Greece… ONIRAMA. I met them for the photoshoot before their show and I had a few minutes in my disposal for the shots. They were very cooperative and pleasant. I decided to shoot them a Portrait for their interview in AeginaNews in a Green and “used like” background
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Anastasia Peraki for Proto Thema


Its a pleasure for every professional photographer shooting a top model like Anastasia Peraki. So I felt really happy when Proto Thema newspaper staff announced me that the next photoshoot will be with her. I choose two locations for that shooting. The first is at Marathonas Beach and the second at ancient Olive Trees. Hair
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Vacations in Greece for Athens News Agency

A family from Belgium enjoying their vacations in Greece was the main article of a big Belgium newspaper through Athens News Agency. The Belgium family came to Aegina Island for vacations and hosted in Antzi Studios. The photo shoot took place at Perdika Village. Here is my favorite photo photo: ANA/Dimitris Vlaikos

The Greek Actress Anna Vagena

Αννα Βαγενά

Anna Vagena is Greek, artist, actress, politician, a woman full of creativity. In occasion of the theatrical performance “Anna Papazoglou” and the participation in Theatrical Festival of Aegina I photoshoot her for the needs of her interview in Aeginanews. More Greek celebrity portraits

Takis Spiridakis for Proto Thema News

Τακης Σπυριδάκης

It’s the second time I am hired from Proto Thema News to shoot the famous Greek Actor Takis Spiridakis. I love working with him cause of his humor and the great time having together in photo shoot. The concept was “I have been more poor than Piou”. Piou is Wind’s Telecommunications advertising hero, a football
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Pedro Olalla Photoshoot

Every photo-shoot is unique. There is dozens of thinks the professional photographer should consider before you done the shot. The frame, the light, the pose, the energy and the feeling between you and the subject are some of them. What can I say about Pedro Olalla (Olaya). He is quite interesting inside out.  Olalla is
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Dimitris Potamianos sociologist and author photoshoot

Dimitris Potamianos is sociologist from Greece and author about tourism and gastronomy. He is very cool and low profile person like everyone should be. I went to his place 2 weeks  ago for an interview photoshoot. I knew him before as a writer in Vima gourmet magazine. I really liked his home cause of the
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Vaso Kanelopoulou Greek Journalist photoshoot

The story behind the scenes of a photo sometimes is very interesting! Vaso is a journalist from Greece and belongs to the organization “Citizens of the World” and Attac. She is very shy personality so it was a bit difficult to make her a quite expressive portrait. After her interview I had about 5 mins
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