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“Amazed on how discreet you have been while covering the wedding”

Miranta & Loucas From Aegina

Wedding in Aegina 30/06/12

“Thank you Dimitris for your professionalism and talent to capture not only great pictures but the wonderful vibe of the wedding day as well. We were amazed on how discreet and hard to notice you have been while covering the wedding service and thereafter at the reception and yet produce pictures of high quality and
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“Our wedding photos was truly much better than we had even hoped!”

Sophia and Aggelos from Athens

Wedding in Athens 9/06/11

“As we starting planning our wedding in Athens, we knew exactly what we wanted as far as the photographs of that day were concerned. The hard part was finding it. I was tired of looking at those stand-up group shots with smiling faces, all next to one another, as if the setting was always the
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“You were certainly the best ‘purchase’ we made for our wedding”

Pantelis - Valeria - Joanna From Athens

Wedding and Baptism in Aegina

“Thank you so much for all your help and for doing such a fantastic job with our wedding photography from the beginning to end. You made us feel completely at ease throughout the process and the end result is a wonderful wedding album that we will cherish forever. It was really hard for you as
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“We thank you for everything, keep giving smiles and memories!”

Lenia and Christos From Athens

Wedding in Athens 30/10/11

“Every wedding photograph is a unique story, as you add a touch of craziness to absolute professionalism. A person with energy, love and dedication for your work, but also a gifted imagination, you manage to save every wedding moment permanently in time. Dimitris, I wish you every success and hope that each photo shoot will
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“The Only Thing we don’t Regret is our Wedding Photographer!”

Alksitis and Alexis from Athens

Wedding in Aegina Island 2009

“When we decided to have our wedding in the beautiful island of Aegina – Greece our options were limited. Living in Athens all of our life we didn’t have many friends and many people to guide us so many decisions were made at random. The only thing we don’t regret is our wedding photographer, Dimitris.
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