In the wake of the recent upgrade of our offices and services, I would like to share some thoughts about a professional photographer’s business premises.

I often hear complaints about colleagues whose lack of reliability causes people to lose their trust in our profession, both during their working relationship and due to the organization of their business. Lost photos, materials that are never delivered and poor communication are just some of the problems that arise. Reliability is even more important than quality and results and a photographer’s business premises play an important role in this, both for him and for everyone else.

Sometimes, amateur photographers are suggested who either have another profession or they have no profession or are indirectly involved in a field vaguely related to photography and are trying to enter the photo profession. The thing that sets professional photographers apart is their business premises, their equipment and the services they provide. Regardless of the size or type of establishment, the business premises are part of the services a photographer provides his customers. It is the space where contact is made and where most of the work is completed, including the presentation, editing, shooting (if a studio is available) and the printing that is the final photography product. The above is true for all professional photographers, whether they work in weddings, fashion, advertising or other specialties. The business premises define him and offer an added element of assurance in your working relationship.

The space should be clearly intended for business, and not part of a home or garage, so that you can easily reach the photographer. It is an indicator of how seriously the person you’re dealing with takes his work and his clients. Photography is very demanding work and does not leave room for corrections. That’s why you have to be very careful in your selection.

For his own part, any conscientious professional prefers to meet with clients in his work place. That is where he will present his work, make recommendations about which images to select in order to achieve the desired result and break down the cost and price of the photo shoot. Practically speaking, a fully equipped and modern studio is an essential requirement. A large portion of photography relies on studio services. Fields like fashion, portraiture, advertising, commercial products and even weddings can’t function without a base and a studio. Nowadays, even though communication has become modernised through e-mail and Skype, a business premise and the assurance it offers continues to play an important role.

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I agree with you about the quality of services. The quality has nothing to do with the working place. In some cases like wedding photographers, their clients has one more reason to trust them cause of their professional office, even if it is at their home. The last two years things has changed a lot and many photographers working from home so customers are more used on that. Thank you for mention that

You can offer quality photographic services and choose to work out of a “home office”. I’ve been a full time professional event photographer and have been working out of my house for 25 years.

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