A key factor that influences our mood is the environment we find ourselves in at any given moment. Weddings are among the most important events in people’s lives. On days of such great importance to us, and even more so to our guests.

As a wedding photographer, I believe the church you select is critical, whether it is a small chapel or even a monastery. What we choose is certain to contribute to our celebratory mood and in general to the spirit of the day. I travel frequently and I am particularly glad when I get the opportunity to work in beautiful churches and chapels for weddings in Athens. From the city center to East Attica, Athens is full of lovely churches and chapels that will impress your guests and make the wedding an unforgettable event, both because of their exterior surroundings and their unique interior decoration. I decided to post some information about my favorite chapels for weddings in central Athens and the suburbs to the south for those who appreciate the importance of the space that will host their wedding. If you looking for churches and chapels for weddings in the greater Attica region you can read this article.

Obviously, the choice of church will also determine the types of photographs that result. Some churches are more atmospheric, while others are illuminated by natural daylight or bathed in sunlight until the last traces of the sunset fade. The churches I recommend all have something special to offer and are easily accessible, which makes them popular. So don’t waste a moment – as soon as you make your decision, book the date and time for your wedding in Greece.

Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris

The top choice in the center of Athens is my favorite church of Agios (Saint) Dimitrios Loubardiaris. The stone-built chapel is set in a lush green landscape reminiscent of traditional villages. It was designed by renowned Greek architect Dimitris Pikions and is just a few minutes from the Acropolis. Access and parking are easy, and the courtyard outside is large enough to allow you to serve refreshments immediately following the wedding ceremony. Another plus is its great photo potential. Sample of a wedding in Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris


Agia Sofia at the Acropolis, Meropeion Foundation

Located on Dionysiou Areopagitou Avenue, at the foot of the Acropolis, the building looks more like a neoclassical home than a church. The Meropeion Philanthropic Foundation was founded in 1914 by Anna Theodoropoulou and a group of prominent Athenians. The church of Agia Sofia is right next to it and is available for weddings and baptisms. There is a marvelous garden in the back that can host a reception after your event. Parking is relatively easy along one of the side streets off Dionysiou Areopagitou. It is a beautiful space offering you the opportunity to hold your wedding in an elegant neoclassical manor house. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Sample of a baptism in Agia Sofia Acropolis


Agia Skepi, Papagou

This is one of the most beautiful and centrally located churches in Athens. The interior of the church of Agia Skepi (“Holy Protection”) is impressively covered with religious wall paintings that create a particularly atmospheric ambiance. Another important element is the large courtyard that also functions as a parking area around the perimeter. The only thing to keep in mind as far as the outside is concerned is the limited lighting available at night. Another negative aspect is the lack of suitable locations around the church for photos. So if you want photos taken immediately after the wedding, you will have to move quite a distance away. Sample of a wedding in Agia Skepi Papagou


Agios Alexandros and Panagitsa, Palaio Faliro

South of Athens, nearer the coast and specifically in Palaio Faliro, you will find Agios Alexandros and Panagitsa (“Virgin Mary”), two of the most popular churches in this area and the southern suburbs of Athens in general. Their layout is similar, both inside and outside, though Agios Alexandros is slightly preferable because it is smaller and more atmospheric. Both feature easy parking and access to reception venues along the coastal road of Poseidonos Avenue, as well as to interesting locations for photos immediately following the wedding. Sample of a baptism in Panagitsa Palaio Faliro


The Chapel of Agios Kosmas, Akrotiri

A short distance past Palaio Faliro, turning into the Agios Kosmas Sailing Club and right next to the Akrotiri Club-Restaurant, there is a small, gleaming-white church built right on the rocks of the cape with a view of the sea and the Saronic Gulf. Because the chapel is quite small, the actual wedding ceremonies are held at the threshold of the church, where there is plenty of natural light and a view of the setting sun . The chapel shares parking with the Akrotiri Athens Club and you may need to contact someone there for permission to use it. Sample of a wedding in Agios Kosmas Akrotiri


Agios Georgios, Kavouri

Further along the coastal road in Kavouri, you will find the sparkling white chapel of Agios Georgios (Saint George) on a slightly elevated and verdant open space. This small church is beautiful inside and outside. There is quite a large courtyard and a modest park of pine trees. The location offers easy access and parking and the church is among the most popular in the area. Sample of a wedding in Agios Georgios Kavouri


Agios Nikolaos, Lagonisi

The Church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) is hidden just before Lagonisi beach, where the stone wall of a luxury villa ends. It features an impressive walkway leading from the chapel to the beach on the other side so you can access it from two different directions. The setting with the sea at the foot of the walkway is ideal for photographs after the ceremony, as long as you have scheduled the time of the event to allow for daylight, in conjunction with the wedding photographer.


I hope this article on the churches and chapels of Athens for weddings has been useful. I will add to it as I visit other interesting churches and would love to hear your suggestions as well.


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