As a wedding photographer, I get to know a lot about the concerns of a couple on how to organize their wedding. This is of immediate concern to me because the photos I take and the result I deliver are integrally connected to each couple’s concept of what they want for their wedding. After seven years of professional experience in wedding photography, I have developed my own beliefs about the day of the wedding and the way in which every couple should experience it. So I thought I would share my thoughts on what makes a wedding ideal, regardless of budget, location or date.

There is no recipe for a successful wedding, whether it takes place in Athens, on one of the many Greek islands or in a small chapel. For me, the date of the wedding and the money a couple has budgeted are also not very important.

The wedding day is indeed a very important day for every couple.

It is an occasion to experience an entire day of joy with your beloved partner, parents and friends. What could be more important than that? One could argue that the time and money spent on this day also signify its importance. And naturally everyone is unique; there are no rules about how to organize or experience this significant day. The wedding is essentially a day of celebration and you are the hosts. You invite your friends and relatives and do everything you can to ensure they have a good time.

Φωτογράφος Γάμου Αθήνα Βλάικος Δημήτρης
Your wedding plan and your wedding photographer

How organised the wedding is or how much the wedding rings or dress cost has nothing to do with how your guests feel. The couple is what determines how much the guests enjoy themselves. The recipe is simple and with very few ingredients: a good mood, smiles, joking around with friends, dancing, high spirits and anything else that makes a party unforgettable. Because ultimately, your wedding day should be a party where everyone – you, your guests and even we photographers – want to have a good time!

It’s a little like having a magnificent home to which you invite your friends, but although everything is perfect and well-organised, the hosts are cheerless and dull. So focus less on the material elements that will make your wedding stand out. Pay more attention to how you can be in good mood and spend a day that everyone, and especially you, will remember for a long, long time. That is what is most important to me as a wedding photographer, as it is your feelings that will make the photographs I deliver special.

So relax on your wedding day, tell your friends to help so you don’t have too much to worry about and make sure to be in a great mood!

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