Babis Bizas had been awarded with Guinness Record as “The most Traveled man of the world”! After he came back from his recent trip at South Pole Babis Bizas gives an interview about this unique experience. What made Babis Bizas to be so lucky that he had travel to all the countries of the wold (194 countries)?

“The journey to the South Pole was not the most exciting experience of my life, but had to be done. As others go to St Gerasimos to fulfill a vow, so I felt it my duty, as a Greek, to raise there the greek flag. ” If I heard this phrase from any other man, I would have thought that he is full.”  Writes the journalist of Kathimerini Semina Sarantopoulou about The most Traveled man of the world and she continues  “But in front of me I have, according to the Guinness Book, “most traveled man of the world”, the great explorer who has walked in 195 countries of the world, the first Greek who managed to press on both poles of the Earth – visited North pole in 1995 and the South pole a few days ago.”

The photoshoot of the Most Traveled Man of the World

The photoshoot of Babis Bizas took place at his home in Athens. All the set up I have used for the styling the shot are the gadgets he used in his trip at South Pole. Even during the shooting it was impressive that he couldn’t stop talking about his trips and his experiences and that was one of the points that we came closer. The interesting textures and the colors of his outfit was perfect for this shot and his attitude as well. Thank you Babisbabis_bizas