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A Week-Long Wedding in Villa Terra Casa Aegina

Wedding in Terra Casa Vila Aegina Greece. Wedding photographer Aegina Athens Greece

So, after capturing this Wedding in Villa Terra Casa in Aegina, I ask myself this: What is the most valuable aspect of a wedding? Steven and Ashlee was planned as the most ideal wedding. They decided to rent a luxury villa with an impressive view and enough bedrooms to accommodate most of their friends and family.

The Photo Studio

Athens_aegina_Greece_photography_studio_στούντιο φωτογραφίας Αθήνα, Αίγινα

This is the place that the meetings with couples taking place although it is not just a place that do business. Mostly it is playroom that allows me to be creative, make me doing and giving my best to the art of photography that I love and gives me happiness.

Family photo shoot at the Ancient olive grove in Aegina island Greece

family photo shoot

Greek expats, visiting Greece on holiday and wanting to record the memory in a family photo-shoot at the ancient olive grove in Aegina. They arrive looking their best, dressed in white, as directed by the photographer. In a celebratory mood, they come to the ancient olive grove in Aegina and the family photo shoot begins.

Theresa and Wouter Wedding in Saliarelis Estate Aegina


The summers are long here in Greece, but once they’re over, I still miss them. On these fall days, at least as a wedding photographer I have beautiful summer weddings to edit and reminisce about. Like Theresa and Wouter’s destination wedding at the Saliarelis estate in Aegina island.

Baptism in front of the Lighthouse of Aegina

Βάπτιση με φόντο το Φάρο της Αίγινας

A baptism in Aegina in such a setting, charges the atmosphere with even more vitality and creates a unifying naturalness that allows the summer to relax its presence and let the protagonists shine. The benevolent human creations of the past take a living and functional part in the sacrament, bringing joy to the master builder.

Sara and Dimitri’s Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding in Aegina Island Greece

The wedding season of 2014 has begun with this wedding in Aegina Island, my homeland! Its true that May and September are the best moths of the year for wedding photographers in Greece and couples as well. The light is bright, clear and sharp!  The temperature gives a relaxing feeling all of the day to the
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Dinos and Eleftheria Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding_aegina_greece_eleytheria_dinos 33

I was wondering about the feeling to photoshoot the wedding in Aegina of a very special family member. How you feel when you shooting have all your family members around you, you friends and all the people that you sharing every day with them?How are they through your lenses in their unique moments?  How you can step
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Yoga Teacher Photoshoot for

Every day we are trying to have a better life or a better quality of life. We are working more and more trying to create things we want, things that will make us happy. The last year I considered that the most important thing is our self. If you haven’t good health in your body
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