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Romantic Wedding in Plaka

Ρομαντικός Γάμος στον Άγιο Νικόλα Ραγκαβά Πλάκα

The truth is that the selected location will provide the ‘natural’ setting in which the couple and their guests will be moving. As you will see on the following wedding in Plaka It is the setting that will complement, or highlight, and sometimes, because of its unique features, even set the tone and dictate the style for the entire wedding.

Christos Baptism in Agios Nikolaos – Athens

Βάπτιση Άγιος ΝΝικόλαος Πτωχοκομείου

As a baptism and wedding photographer I have the opportunity to visit temples and churches in the center of Athens rich in artistic and architectural interest . It’s churches and corners of Athens we walk through almost everyday and we do not know the history and value of them. These locations and places is very
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