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Life is a Beach Wedding Party!

beach wedding party in Athens Greece

The couple, instead of holding a traditional reception, chose to invite their guests to a midday beach wedding party at which all the guests arrived in their bathing suits, regardless of age. The result hereis a number of natural photographs that capture the joy, spontaneity and love of the event.They wanted to remind us, that indeed life is a beach!

Beach Wedding Party in Aegina for Panagiotis & Anastasia

beach wedding party in Aegina Island Greece by aeginaphotographer

Panagiotis and Anastasia’s wedding had three gorgeous locations built into their wedding day. A green one, a white and blue and a colourful beach wedding party in Aegina! Oh.. and I think I even saw a smile on the face of the couple’s beloved cocker spaniel, who wore a bow tie for the event and happily sat for portraits!

Beach Party Ellinikon Seaside summer 2010

Αλλο ένα επιτυχημένο beach party από το Ellinikon Seaside πραγματοποιήθηκε και φέτος 02/08/10 στην παραλία του Aqua Loca στην Αίγινα.  Ανθρωποι κάθε ηλικίας φορεσαν τα μαγιό τους και χόρεψαν με τους ήχους των Αντρέα Πέππα, Κώστα Πέτροβα και Μάκη Ρούσο. HighLight της βραδιάς ήταν τα πυροτεχνήματα και τα γεννέθλια του Διοργανωτή Κυριάκου Κλώνου. Ακολουθούν οι
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