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Which Camera should I Buy ?

Photography today is a big part of our life and not only for professional photographers. Everyday we see dozens of photos in Facebook, advertising and mobile phones. Of course many times not only we see them but we create few and share them. What camera should I buy so I can have better photos? This is
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I Found a Cheap Wedding Photographer!


As in all professions and services, the wedding photography market is rife with a variety of professionals, some of whom are worthy of the “professional photographer” title while others are photographers in name only.  The truth is that a search on the basis of cost will result in a vast range of options from cheapest
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Useful Wedding Photography Tips & Articles

  If our choices become easier, your life will be easier to! To feel safer about your choice of the professional photographer, I decided to write some useful articles before you make any decision. Knowledge is Power and its more important for thinks that are not included in our every day life. I hope these
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