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Romantic Wedding in Plaka

Ρομαντικός Γάμος στον Άγιο Νικόλα Ραγκαβά Πλάκα

The truth is that the selected location will provide the ‘natural’ setting in which the couple and their guests will be moving. As you will see on the following wedding in Plaka It is the setting that will complement, or highlight, and sometimes, because of its unique features, even set the tone and dictate the style for the entire wedding.

Wedding Photography at Loumbardiaris for Maria and Vasilis

wedding photography in greece

As I have already mention in the two previous wedding photography posts, the season of 2014 is an exploration year for my wedding photography in Greece. I have decide to make this exploration cause I am not really interesting to copy any kind or any style of wedding photography. There is thousands of photographers out
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Have you Ever Imagined a Wedding at Acropolis Athens?

wedding in Acropolis Greece

Every time I am working as a photographer for a wedding at Acropolis in Athens, I feel surrounded by my country’s civilization,culture and democracy. Ideals very important not only for me, but for people all over the world.  One of the reasons I believe that, is the requests I receive from many couples from different
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The Most Beautiful Churches and Chapels in Athens for Weddings

A key factor that influences our mood is the environment we find ourselves in at any given moment. Weddings are among the most important events in people’s lives. On days of such great importance to us, and even more so to our guests. As a wedding photographer, I believe the church you select is critical,
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Catalina and Jaime Wedding From China to Athens Greece

wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 37

Catalina and Jaime coming from China. Catalina is a fashion designer from Romania and Jaime is an interior designer from Peru. They decide to make their wedding in Greece and specially in Athens! They love Athens and Greek culture that’s why they decide to meet each families for first time here. Just a mini van
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