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Wedding in Panagitsa Paleo Faliro for Parthena & Jochen

Γάμος στην Παναγίτσα Παλαιού Φαλήρου

Here comes a morning wedding in Athens in the heart of winter at one of the most popular chapels for weddings at the Southern Athens, Panagitsa of Paleo Faliro. The wedding of Parthena and Joscen is on of these weddings I would recommend to every couple for the simplicity of the day. Sunday morning, minimal,
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Konstantina and Filippos Wedding Photography in Lagonisi – Greece

Wedding photography in Greece

Every wedding photographer, like every couple, tries to plan the perfect wedding in Greece: the perfect temperature, not too hot or too cold, a light breeze to keep you cool, plenty of sunshine and above all, good spirits. The truth is that the only thing in our control is our mood. The June weather at Konstantina
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Welcome to “Aegina Photographer” Wedding photography in Greece

Dimitris Vlaikos wedding photography in Greece

The art of Wedding Photography in Greece inspires my life. My main object of interest is people. I love shooting people cause everyone is different and you have to include their energy in a psychological way. That’s why I Love shooting Weddings. From 2012 I decided to work not only in Aegina Island and Athens, also
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“You were Extremely Organized Wedding Photographer!”

Andreas and Cleopatra from Glyfada - Athens

Wedding in Athens Greece 31/08/12

“From the beginning of our wedding planning, we knew that the wedding photography was going to be one of the most important parts of our wedding in Athens Greece. We wanted to find someone that we really trust enough to capture the most important day. There are many photographers in Athens Greece but we wanted
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Uniques Weddings in Greece Published by “Ta Nea” Newspaper

weddings in Greece

Stylish and unique weddings in Greece are interesting for many people. It is inspiring to read about different cultures and how every couple expresses their character in their wedding. “Ta Nea News” is one of the most known Greek Newspapers. On the last weekend publication, one of my destination weddings in Athens, Catalina’s and Jaime’s,
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The Vintage Wedding of Anna and Yiorgos in Athens – Greece


Every wedding has its own unique style. The same is for every wedding photographer. Style makes every wedding unique and includes all those little things that shows every couples characteristics and gives more about their personality Its an honor for every wedding photographer shooting a wedding that the couple was planning for a long time
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Planning The Perfect Wedding in a City like Athens

Wedding photographer in Athens

Before deciding to hold their wedding in a city like Athens, many couples have already excluded other destinations that might be considered more “idyllic”. Such places may include the islands in the Cyclades or Saronic Gulf, which involve additional expense for transportation or make it difficult for guests to attend.   But don’t be disappointed.
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The Couple and the Photographer on the Wedding Day

Φωτογράφος Γάμου Αθήνα

As a wedding photographer, I get to know a lot about the concerns of a couple on how to organize their wedding. This is of immediate concern to me because the photos I take and the result I deliver are integrally connected to each couple’s concept of what they want for their wedding. After seven
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“Our wedding photos was truly much better than we had even hoped!”

Sophia and Aggelos from Athens

Wedding in Athens 9/06/11

“As we starting planning our wedding in Athens, we knew exactly what we wanted as far as the photographs of that day were concerned. The hard part was finding it. I was tired of looking at those stand-up group shots with smiling faces, all next to one another, as if the setting was always the
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“We thank you for everything, keep giving smiles and memories!”

Lenia and Christos From Athens

Wedding in Athens 30/10/11

“Every wedding photograph is a unique story, as you add a touch of craziness to absolute professionalism. A person with energy, love and dedication for your work, but also a gifted imagination, you manage to save every wedding moment permanently in time. Dimitris, I wish you every success and hope that each photo shoot will
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