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A Week-Long Wedding in Villa Terra Casa Aegina

Wedding in Terra Casa Vila Aegina Greece. Wedding photographer Aegina Athens Greece

So, after capturing this Wedding in Villa Terra Casa in Aegina, I ask myself this: What is the most valuable aspect of a wedding? Steven and Ashlee was planned as the most ideal wedding. They decided to rent a luxury villa with an impressive view and enough bedrooms to accommodate most of their friends and family.

Wedding in Varkiza for Aggeliki & Lefteris


Oh, don’t worry, my knowledge of physics extends only to the basics. As a wedding photographer, however, the search for atmosphere, the aura of the couple and the space that I’m going to photograph are my primary concern. A wedding photo is not made beautiful by the right geometry in the objects or professional lighting.
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How The Wedding Decision Impacts Wedding Photography

getting married in aegina greece

Wedding is a decision. A decision of each one to live with the other regardless the unknown feature, the difficulties and the challenges they will face. This decision is what releases the mind of each one from any thoughts and concerns about their future. Actually this is one of the most important things that releases
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Nikos and Elisavet Wedding Photography in Piraeus Greece


Nikos and Elisavet comes from Switzerland. Their decision about the wedding in Greece was another chance to visit their family and their homeland. Lots of friends, interesting locations like the church of Agios Nikolaos in Piraeus, the photoshoot location at Faliro, great weather was the ingredients blended together with this beautiful couple gave us energy, textures and feelings in pictures. The venue and the
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“The wedding photographer’s crew was very discrete & the groom was not stressed!”

Vicky and Vasilis from Athens

Wedding in Athens 15/06/2013

“We met Dimitris on our wedding day! We came across his site by chance and we were really   impressed by his work as wedding photographer. We didn’t want anything that would look like those typical wedding   photographers in Greece and after just one look, we knew Dimitris had what we were looking for.  Our initial contact was
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“Our wedding photos are breathtaking, thank you Dimitris!”

Helena and Stelios from UK

Wedding in Lavrion Athens 21/06/13

“When I first saw your wedding photos work online from London, I knew you were the photographer for us. We loved the other work you had done and it fitted the relaxed, contemporary style we wanted for ours. As the bride, I saw many photographers in Athens, but your work stood head and shoulders above
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Wedding Albums vs Wedding Discs


What is the best for every couple to order after their wedding? A wedding album or the a disc with all the high resolution photos included? This is very common question that comes in every couple’s mind before or after their wedding and every professional wedding photographer must answer. Wedding albums Vs Discs These days,
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The Viewing Angles of a Wedding Photography Album

wedding album in Greece

How many viewing angles a wedding photography album might have? When Flipping the pages you can see a love story, you can see a wonderful day, full of joy and two happy people with their families. If you are an artist or photographer, you might see a number of beautiful pictures that might inspire you…
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Most Popular wedding photos of 2013 in Greece

φωτογραφίες γάμου

These days other than days of joy and love , should be days of gratitude for all that we have experienced, seen, tasted , enjoyed the past year . Even though there are some people who believe that it was not a good year for them, they should probably think that above all, they lived
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The Awesome Wedding in Greece of Angeliza and Vagelis

wedding in Greece

I love to leave every moment of every wedding in Greece I am covering. I am working as a wedding photographer the last seven years and this wedding was my first photography experience in this spectacular place in Aegina Island. I feel very glad and lucky I had been invited to work as a photographer in this wedding from
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