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A Wedding to Remember in Laas Estate For Maria & Matthew

wedding in Laas Estate Ktima Athens

The timeline made the day. Wanting their loved ones to relax, cool down, and enjoy their venue, Maria and Mathew planned an early evening ceremony and a late reception. In between, the 150 guests enjoyed an extended cocktail hour by the pool. Lounge chairs and hammocks were set up, and everyone watched the sunset together.

Wedding Photography at Loumbardiaris for Maria and Vasilis

wedding photography in greece

As I have already mention in the two previous wedding photography posts, the season of 2014 is an exploration year for my wedding photography in Greece. I have decide to make this exploration cause I am not really interesting to copy any kind or any style of wedding photography. There is thousands of photographers out
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Wedding Photography for Nikos and Vera in Agios Kosmas

wedding in Agios Kosmas Athens

Every wedding changes the physical and emotional condition of the wedding photographer. After the end of the photoshoot, apart from the physical tiredness, the photographer takes with him and a bunch of memories, experiences, friends, photos and feelings… The next day all those experiences becoming knowledge that helps you to continue getting better both on a
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Lambros Baptism in Agia Markella of Votanikos – Athens

Φωτογραφίες βάπτισης Αγία Μαρκέλα

Sunday afternoon on the road to one of the most vibrant and multicultural parishes of Athens, the parish of Agia Markella Church at Votanikos The area of Votanikos seems forgotten, but with a second look you realise the purity and tradition in every corner…. I am waiting outside the church to complete the Sunday attending mass
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Christos Baptism in Agios Nikolaos – Athens

Βάπτιση Άγιος ΝΝικόλαος Πτωχοκομείου

As a baptism and wedding photographer I have the opportunity to visit temples and churches in the center of Athens rich in artistic and architectural interest . It’s churches and corners of Athens we walk through almost everyday and we do not know the history and value of them. These locations and places is very
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“You were Extremely Organized Wedding Photographer!”

Andreas and Cleopatra from Glyfada - Athens

Wedding in Athens Greece 31/08/12

“From the beginning of our wedding planning, we knew that the wedding photography was going to be one of the most important parts of our wedding in Athens Greece. We wanted to find someone that we really trust enough to capture the most important day. There are many photographers in Athens Greece but we wanted
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Catalina and Jaime Wedding From China to Athens Greece

wedding_Catalina_Jaime_Athens 37

Catalina and Jaime coming from China. Catalina is a fashion designer from Romania and Jaime is an interior designer from Peru. They decide to make their wedding in Greece and specially in Athens! They love Athens and Greek culture that’s why they decide to meet each families for first time here. Just a mini van
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Wedding Photos of Aleka & Giorgos in Athens

When you cover a Wedding in Athens its more different  than a Greek island or another smaller city of Greece. The time you have its less than usual cause of the transportation and the long distances.  You haven’t enough time to think and organize your wedding Day Shooting. Here is the wedding of Giorgos and
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