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Telling the Wedding Story at Vlachogianni Estate Athens

fotografos gamou - Wedding photographer ktima Vlachogianni

What is the best way to describe one’s feelings at a particular instance through a photo? Is it even possible to tell an entire story effectively, with just one photograph? The wedding I photographed at the Vlachogianni Estate in Athens, provides me with an opportunity to share with you these thoughts as a photographer.

Wedding in the Red Castle “Chateau Ralli” of Aegina for Maro & Will

wedding_photographer_aegina_greece 01

We are used to dreaming. Mostly we are dreaming of the ideal moments we want to live in the future and how we will be able to make it become true! Then comes the action with the word of “creativity”. Creativity describes the process and gives life to our dreams and our imagination until this condition becomes
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Wedding at Kavouri for Olympia & Alexandros

wedding at kavouri Athens

Exploring wedding photography each time in each wedding in Greece from a different angle, gives me a feeling of freedom and evolution. Framing each combination is so important… An exercise in perception of wedding photography. Here is the story of Olympia and Alexandros. I have met them one year before as a wedding photographer in
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Wedding Photography for Nikos and Vera in Agios Kosmas

wedding in Agios Kosmas Athens

Every wedding changes the physical and emotional condition of the wedding photographer. After the end of the photoshoot, apart from the physical tiredness, the photographer takes with him and a bunch of memories, experiences, friends, photos and feelings… The next day all those experiences becoming knowledge that helps you to continue getting better both on a
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Mano’s Baptism in Aegina Island

Βάπτιση στην Αίγινα

Meeting and talking with every wedding photographer you should feel free to ask as many questions as you like, even if they are non-photography related. I’d be happy to share all of my photography experiences with you. Every wedding and baptism is different and everyone has their own vision of the day. Its a pleasure
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“Our wedding photos are breathtaking, thank you Dimitris!”

Helena and Stelios from UK

Wedding in Lavrion Athens 21/06/13

“When I first saw your wedding photos work online from London, I knew you were the photographer for us. We loved the other work you had done and it fitted the relaxed, contemporary style we wanted for ours. As the bride, I saw many photographers in Athens, but your work stood head and shoulders above
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Most Popular wedding photos of 2013 in Greece

φωτογραφίες γάμου

These days other than days of joy and love , should be days of gratitude for all that we have experienced, seen, tasted , enjoyed the past year . Even though there are some people who believe that it was not a good year for them, they should probably think that above all, they lived
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Have you Ever Imagined a Wedding at Acropolis Athens?

wedding in Acropolis Greece

Every time I am working as a photographer for a wedding at Acropolis in Athens, I feel surrounded by my country’s civilization,culture and democracy. Ideals very important not only for me, but for people all over the world.  One of the reasons I believe that, is the requests I receive from many couples from different
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A Romantic Wedding in Greece of Isabelle and Francois in Aegina Island

Romantic Wedding in Greece

It is quite inspiring for me when the couple are so enthusiastic for my photojournalistic wedding photography style.  Isabelle and Francois coming from France to Aegina Island – Greece every year for their vacations. Some days before their romantic wedding in Greece I received a simple, wonderfully romantic email. They simply wrote to me: Dear Dimitris just
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The Greek Wedding of Stelios and Helena in Lavrion Greece

wedding in Lavrio

This Greek wedding was the perfect combination of culture, location and love… Unique for every wedding photographer. The wedding of Helena and Stelios took place in Lavrion Greece. Stelios has grown up in Greece until he left to work in London. There, he met Helena and changed his life! They decided to make their wedding in a
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