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Popular Churches and Chapels for Weddings in Attica Greece

eklisies kai ksoklisia attikis gia gamo vaptisi

Continuing on from my previous article on the most beautiful churches and chapels suitable for weddings in Athens Greece, I want to add a bit about the most charming and popular churches and chapels for weddings in the Attica region. One of the joys of being a wedding photographer springs from the variety of locations
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“The wedding photographer’s crew was very discrete & the groom was not stressed!”

Vicky and Vasilis from Athens

Wedding in Athens 15/06/2013

“We met Dimitris on our wedding day! We came across his site by chance and we were really   impressed by his work as wedding photographer. We didn’t want anything that would look like those typical wedding   photographers in Greece and after just one look, we knew Dimitris had what we were looking for.  Our initial contact was
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