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Wedding at Vouliagmeni Lake for Elli and Giorgos

wedding photography at Vouliagmeni lake Athens Greece

Last days of August, once again on the road as a wedding photographer. Glorious sunshine, traditions from Cyprus, seaside photshoot and Vouliagmeni lake for the finale. I always enjoying be a part of relaxing weddings. You have the time to observe, to understand, to see and capture more details…Elli’s and George’s wedding in Vouliagmeni Lake was
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Amazing Wedding in Island Club Varkiza for Alvini and Tarik

Wedding Photography at Island - Athens for Alvini and Tarik

A neoclassical house in the center of Athens with gorgeous interior full of vintage objects. A happy couple full of love and totally out of stress. Couple’s Parents full of hospitality and kindness. A wonderful photoshoot by the sea. An amazing wedding ceremony at Island Club restaurant Varkiza. Was all these ingredients that a blow up
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Vicky and Vasilis Wedding in Athens Greece

wedding in Greece

Continue posting some of this year wedding in Athens Greece I need to mention some things. There is some couples that when you meet them as their wedding photographer, makes you feel like you already know them. Vasilis and Vicky was that kind of couple for me and I hope I was the same as their
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Konstantina and Filippos Wedding Photography in Lagonisi – Greece

Wedding photography in Greece

Every wedding photographer, like every couple, tries to plan the perfect wedding in Greece: the perfect temperature, not too hot or too cold, a light breeze to keep you cool, plenty of sunshine and above all, good spirits. The truth is that the only thing in our control is our mood. The June weather at Konstantina
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“You’ ve made our wedding unforgettable!”

Dimitris and Konstadina from Athens

Wedding in Aegina - Greece 14/07/12

“As soon as we decided to get married in Aegina, we really wanted to find a wedding photographer who would be or live to the island, since we needed someone who would be familiar with the shooting environment. We also wanted to avoid the common photographer’s approach in such occasions with “fixed/stealled” and “portrait style”
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The Wedding Photography Client Reviews Category on my Blog

Clients are the best judges of every wedding photographer’s work. It is one of the most important thinks when people that you have already work with them and already know you as a professional, write about their experience of their wedding photography. Their opinion and letters are valuable for me and for my future clients.
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One more Greek Wedding Photographer Earns Acceptance into the WPJA

Dimitris Vlaikos - Photographer

One more Greek Wedding Photographer Earns Acceptance into the WPJA

Dimitris Vlaikos Earns Acceptance into the WPJA Aegina Island Greece – November 27 2011. Dimitris Vlaikos today announced his celebrated acceptance into the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an International, membership-based organization representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style. As a WPJA member, Dimitris Vlaikos joins the
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