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Wedding in Island Varkiza for Doris and Alexandros

Wedding at Island Club Athens for Doris and Alexandros

It was a pleasure for me to be the wedding photographer of this wedding in Island Club restaurant in Varkiza. Doris and Alexandros coming from Zürich to Alexandros mother country, Greece,  to celebrate with their friends this special wedding day in Island Varkiza. The day started with preparations at the Golden Sun Hotel before I moved
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Wedding Photography for Nikos and Vera in Agios Kosmas

wedding in Agios Kosmas Athens

Every wedding changes the physical and emotional condition of the wedding photographer. After the end of the photoshoot, apart from the physical tiredness, the photographer takes with him and a bunch of memories, experiences, friends, photos and feelings… The next day all those experiences becoming knowledge that helps you to continue getting better both on a
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Elias and Evaggelia Wedding in Sparta

Elias and Evaggelia wedding in Sparta Greece

I am driving away from Athens for a destination wedding in Sparta – Greece to meet for a second time Elias and Evaggelia and be a part of their celebration. I am feeling honoured not only for choosing me as their wedding photographer but also for booking me one year before their wedding and visit
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Nikos and Elisavet Wedding Photography in Piraeus Greece


Nikos and Elisavet comes from Switzerland. Their decision about the wedding in Greece was another chance to visit their family and their homeland. Lots of friends, interesting locations like the church of Agios Nikolaos in Piraeus, the photoshoot location at Faliro, great weather was the ingredients blended together with this beautiful couple gave us energy, textures and feelings in pictures. The venue and the
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Sara and Dimitri’s Wedding in Aegina Greece

wedding in Aegina Island Greece

The wedding season of 2014 has begun with this wedding in Aegina Island, my homeland! Its true that May and September are the best moths of the year for wedding photographers in Greece and couples as well. The light is bright, clear and sharp!  The temperature gives a relaxing feeling all of the day to the
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“Our Wedding in Aegina was an Unprecedented Photography Experience!”

Nikos & Christina from Aegina

Wedding in Aegina 24/10/2014

“The photography experience of our wedding  in Aegina? Unprecedented! Every little smile, every tear, the joy and all of our friends emotions. With spontaneity and professionalism. Our wedding photographer Dimitris Vlaikos became shareholder of our joy and helped us to remember forever that this important autumn sunny wedding in Aegina. Thank you so much Dimitris!”
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Wedding in Aegina Petros and Fotini

wedding in Aegina Island Greece

Every wedding, like life itself, is a journey. You choose a route, find the seat printed on your ticket and set off. You travel with people you had never met before and the journey becomes an opportunity to bring you together. You begin to share, to grow closer and experience the common stages of the
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“Great, unique, quite and natural wedding photos!”

Filippos and Konstadina from Athens

Wedding in Athens - Greece 01/06/13

“The most important thing which would last forever from a wedding in Greece is the photographs. That’s why we wanted someone for the day of our wedding , who could take photos that would be very close to the reality. Dimitris without telling us what to and without asking from us to take needless poses we
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“Amazed on how discreet you have been while covering the wedding”

Miranta & Loucas From Aegina

Wedding in Aegina 30/06/12

“Thank you Dimitris for your professionalism and talent to capture not only great pictures but the wonderful vibe of the wedding day as well. We were amazed on how discreet and hard to notice you have been while covering the wedding service and thereafter at the reception and yet produce pictures of high quality and
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“You were certainly the best ‘purchase’ we made for our wedding”

Pantelis - Valeria - Joanna From Athens

Wedding and Baptism in Aegina

“Thank you so much for all your help and for doing such a fantastic job with our wedding photography from the beginning to end. You made us feel completely at ease throughout the process and the end result is a wonderful wedding album that we will cherish forever. It was really hard for you as
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