Clients are the best judges of every wedding photographer’s work. It is one of the most important thinks when people that you have already work with them and already know you as a professional, write about their experience of their wedding photography. Their opinion and letters are valuable for me and for my future clients. They are the only that could write a full critique about my wedding photography in Greece after they see their wedding photos. I want to thank all those couples that I have great time with in different locations in Greece the 6 years of my wedding photography work. I want to thank them also for the time they spend to write about my photography. For that reason I decided to make a category on my website that I will host all of these experiences.  If you want to read their critique please visit the client letters category. Of course feel free to contact me for any further questions.  In a while I will start to post more weddings from 2013. Stay tuned!


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