Continue posting some of this year wedding in Athens Greece I need to mention some things. There is some couples that when you meet them as their wedding photographer, makes you feel like you already know them. Vasilis and Vicky was that kind of couple for me and I hope I was the same as their photographer. They decided to do their wedding in Athens Ilioupoli- Greece and the Venue took place in the football court of Ethnikos FC with Acropolis on the background. A wedding in Athens and a couple in happy mood with a lot of positive energy from the start to the end. Things that I wont forget from this wedding was the 5 hours of traditional Greek music and the traditional dances from all over Greece.  Groom surprised the bride with her favorite Greek singer Nikos Ziogalas, singing live for her! The Venue turned to a beautiful party until the first morning hours. Here is my favorite photos from Vicky and Vasilis wedding in Athens.

φωτογραφος γάμου
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 02
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 03
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 04
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 05
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 06
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 07
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 09
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 10
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 12
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 14
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 15
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 16
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 17
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 18
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 19
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 20
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 21
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 22
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 24
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 25
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 26
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 28
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 29
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 29b
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 30
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 31
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 32
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 34
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 35
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 36
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 37
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 38
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 41
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 41b
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 44
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 46
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 47
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 50
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 51
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 52
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 53
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 54
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 55
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 56
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 57
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 58
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 59
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 60
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 61
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 62
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 63
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 64
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 65
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 66
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 68
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 70
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 71
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 73
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 74
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 75
wedding_athens_greece_Vasilis_Vasiliki 76

Your style is so unique compared to many other people. Thank you for publishing when you have the opportunity,Guess I will just make this bookmarked.2

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as always, perfect and green with envy of the light you have over their.

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